Knoebels Announces Steel Coaster for 2015

The 2014 season hasn’t even begun for most parks, yet Knoebels is already announcing exciting plans for 2015. Earlier today, the park shared renderings of its new-for-2015 steel coaster, Impulse.


The park tweeted:

You’ve heard rumors… you’ve made guesses … now get a glimpse of #Knoebels Project 2015:  Will you ride Impulse?

While the park has yet to release formal details about the new coaster, they have answered a few questions on their social media pages:


The Zierer steel coaster will feature a traditional chain lift that takes riders to its maximum height of 98 feet.

From my count, the coaster will contain four inversions: a cobra roll (two inversions), a vertical loop and a flat spin/rollover element.


The park’s current Boat Tag and Bumper Boats rides will be removed to make room for Impulse. So it appears that the coaster will be built in the area highlighted in yellow in the Knoebels park map below:


Stay tuned as Knoebels releases more details about Impulse in the weeks to come.


What are your thoughts after seeing this first glimpse of Impulse? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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4 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    It looks awesome…bring it on!!

  2. CoDAce says:

    It fits well into the park if I do say so myself. Though at first glance it looks like a Euro-Fighter (the rendering’s trains don’t help with that). Kenobels has always seemed to be a more traditional park (haven’t been there myself but from what I see it does), and this does fit that mold.
    As for the ride itself, I’m impressed by it, nice compact layout, that still looks like it packs a punch. But their choice in builder confuses me as Euro-Fighters are more common, the only ride similar to this is Wicked at Lagoon, which by all accounts is a good ride. Still would have preferred a Euro-Fighter, but this fills the park’s void of an inverting coaster. Would most likely ride it if I ever got out there, as well as Phoenix and Twister.

  3. Connor says:

    This is indeed extremely unexpected considering they just recently built a drop tower called Stratosphere and their classic Flying Turns projects just got finished. Knoebels is moving forward quickly and I like it. I didn’t ride bumper boats often, or play boat tag ever in the hundreds of times I’ve been there. The bumper boats was a nice leisure intro to park, however I think this will create a great first impression for new visitors! Can’t wait.

  4. Colin says:

    When will you do a feast run ad put it on the Internet

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