Falcon’s Fury Surpasses 300 Feet

You don’t have to be inside Busch Gardens Tampa anymore to see the latest Falcon’s Fury construction update. With the tower recently reaching the 300-foot mark, anyone in the general vicinity of the theme park should get an excellent view of the blue and gold Intamin drop tower rising toward the sky.


Photo © Aerial Innovations

The tower still has a short distance to go before it reaches its 335-foot peak.


Photo © Aerial Innovations

The new ride will anchor the Pantopia area (formerly known as Timbuktu).


Falcon’s Fury riders will tilt 90-degrees so that they are looking straight before taking the 31-story plunge.

BGTFans.com also shared some more beautiful photos of the tower’s construction.

Falcon’s Fury is expected to open in the spring of 2014. Will you be in line to ride? Share your thoughts about the new ride in the comments section below.


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