Mystery Coaster Monday 002

Round two of Mystery Coaster Monday is here! Try and guess what coaster is in the modified photo! We are keeping a running scoreboard of right answers and the person with the most points after 21 more weeks will win a Coaster101 Prize Pack!

How to Play

To enter the Mystery Coaster competition simply use the comment section below to send us your best guesses. You can also tweet at us: @Coaster101 or post on our Facebook page.

Mystery Coaster Monday – Week #2

The second mystery coaster is:

mystery coaster 2

As time progresses and we do not receive any close guesses, we will reveal more hints. The mystery coaster’s identity will be revealed on Facebook and Twitter each Monday night, so hurry! You’ve only got a few hours to guess the coaster. Good luck!

Answer: Skyliner at Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania