Galveston Pleasure Pier Details Revealed

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3 Responses

  1. rick howell says:

    sonds great(galveston pleasure pier)just dont let those RAT BASTARDS six flags get involved.they would find another way to pave another south tx paradise and put up another parking lot as they did to ASTROWORLD

  2. its about time someone built something worth going to see and do in galveston, hope a hurricane doesnt wipe it out now

  3. Georgia says:

    We went last week and it was ridiculos how expensive to get in and to do the rides. We took our two granddaughters, 2 and 4, and the first ride was the ferris wheel. It took a few seconds to the top and then down which maybe lasted a minute, cost $20. All the rides thereafter were the same, short and very costly. Just to walk in is $10 a person.

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