Blue Streak ride review

Forum member “FeelTheFORCE” took a ride on the newly-reopened Blue Streak roller coaster at Conneaut Lake Park and shared his thoughts about the ride with us on the forums:

“I’d like to start with saying that there are NO SEAT BELTS, ONLY buzz-bars! That definitely heightens the experience.

This coaster is running like a champ! It was really fun, with some surprising airtime at the top of the hills. I’d suggest sitting towards the back, that area gives the best rides. The front is a bit rough, but nothing you wouldn’t expect out of a coaster built in 1938 with trains that haven’t been used in 7 years.

I got 3 total rides, one in the front seat of the last car, and two in the last seat of the front car. Like I said, the back is definitely where it’s at. Much smoother than I anticipated, some MAJOR air cresting the first drop, and nice air on every hill. The front was fun, but at the bottom of the hills you had to brace yourself a bit.

Regarding some questions about the video and just questions in general. Maybe it’s because the train is starting to break-in a bit more, but it didn’t seem slow at all while going over the hills. The new track during the turnaround is slightly smoother, but the whole track in general, for the most part, is still fairly smooth, at least a LOT smoother than I had expected. Like I said already, the bottom of the hills are the roughest parts of this ride. In the back it’s not rough at all, but be ready if you sit towards the front.

Riding through the tunnel from the station to the lift was actually REALLY cool. All the holes in the roof reminded me of what this park had been through, and the fact that they overcame all those troubles and got it running again. During that stretch is when it hit home and made me smile knowing I was on a coaster I thought I’d never ride again.

What I assume was the main mechanic was one AWESOME guy! You could tell he had much pride in what he did to help the Blue Streak and get it open again. Even though there was only about 8-12 of us, he literally thanked everyone countless times for their support. Also, for being so supportive, he gave us a FREE RIDE! I actually felt kind of bad, though, because I know how much the park needs the money.

All-in-all, if this is a coaster you have always wanted to ride and never got the chance, I say GET THERE AND DO IT! You never know how much longer you may have, and not to mention it’s running very well!”

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