California 2010: Pacific Park & Santa Monica

And so the updates begin! This small boardwalk-park is one of the most famous in the world, having the only roller coaster built fully on a pier out over the ocean! The food is aplenty, the rides are diverse, and the screams are never-ending! With how nice the Santa Monica Pier is during the daytime, I can hardly imagine how great it must be to visit at night!

To start things off, I’m thinking that the plane should have touched down right here. The ocean is a lot more pleasant than the tree-killing, carbon-emitting L.A. traffic and the bitter taste of not meeting Miley Cyrus in LAX.

But who cares what Tyler wants, right? These people do. It’s like those Windows7 commercials with the funny French girls saying how it was totally their idea.

My name is Tyler Hopkins, I’m an enthusiast, and the roller-coaster-on-the-ocean was my idea. Thanks, Santa Monica, for making my dream come true.

See? My mom and I are both super happy that we’re about to ride a roller coaster over the ocean. Inside, we’re really upset that we couldn’t find Sam and Addison’s (from Private Practice) houses next to the pier. Trip disappointment #1.

These people are getting a little pop of airtime that you’d never expect to come out of something coasting along at ten miles per hour. Wave!

Now I say it’s time to tame this beast! But before we do, could somebody explain why the wall/roof on the swinging ship is necessary? It’s quite ugly, and I’ve never seen a dragon made like that before.

Here’s an idea: Let’s ride a roller coaster. Awesome. I’d say right about now, the three teenagers working their new summer job are chewing their gum real loud while they pretend to care about your safety. Cool!

And now we’re coming out of our seats a bit, then a lot, then making a nice turn back to the station. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ride over, kthxbye.

Here comes a series of pictures that all look pretty similar, but are each just as necessary as the last. Had each and every one not been taken, I would not be a true tourist.



Zoom. All done. Next stop: Six Flags Magic Mountain, From the Sky!