Son of Beast Signage Gone

Last week we noticed at Kings Island that the logo from the Son of Beast sign had been removed, but the giant “box” was still there. However, a member from KICentral posted the following image which shows the entire box gone as well:

Surely they wouldn’t go to all that trouble if the ride was going to return. Does this mark the end of the iconic coaster? Only time will tell!

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2 Responses

  1. Kamy says:

    Son of the beast should reopen in 2011 or at least 2012 cause I never got to ride it and I’m finally tall enough to ride every coaster in the park. It looks awesome so kings island should repair most of it at once not one by one. Please this rides made history and if you look at the mean streak at cedar point there putting All new beams on it. Fix the tracks, lower the food prices, and get that thing back up and running please I know cedar fair can do it.
    P.s hire professionals to fix it unlike paramount did.

  2. rksparky says:

    Talked to a coaster engineer,he told me the Son of Beast would be a maintanence nightmare due to design issue. The forces on the track supports were made stronger on the outside. With this the track can move more and more with the coaster aging. Most likely the turns would have to be almost completely rebuilted to fix the problem.