GCI Dueler/Racer Layout


Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon) is a new GCI racing/dueling coaster being built at Efteling park . In 2010 the wooden coaster will be open in the Ruigrijk part of the Efteling. It’s the first racer-coaster in Northwest-Europe and that makes the ride unique.  Visitors will be divided in to two tracks: Water and Fire. There will be a battle for the quickest laptime. The visitors will be real ‘dragonhunters’, just like the legendary Joris, who defeated in the early days a dragon and saved an innocent girl. Joris en de Draak will be placed on the place of Pegasus, by the Flying Dutchman. It’ll be a cool, themed coaster for the entire family in an exciting and natural environment.  Here are the official stats released by the park:
Facts & Figures Joris en de Draak
Length: 2 x 2300ft
Height: 70,5ft
Number of trains: 4
Max. speed: 43,4 mph
Minimum height: 3,6ft


As can be seen from these latest blueprints, the ride starts with a turnaround into the lift, which goes over top of the station. The ride drops into a dueling section before racing to the finish line. It appears the ride will also feature an indoor, dark ride section.



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