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New Coaster101 Shirts Only $9.99!

We’re now selling a cool Coaster101 graphic t-shirt for only $9.99! The shirt features a wooden roller coaster silhouette with the rollercoaster design repeating within itself. A little less than ten dollars gets you this cool shirt and it helps spread the...

Big Bad Wolf Photo Tribute

Coaster101 recently returned from Busch Gardens Europe to get one last ride on Big Bad Wolf.  As you probably know, Big Bad Wolf will not be returning next season. Although this has upset alot of enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, hopefully...

Guess the Coaster: Round 2

Unfortunately no one was able to guess the coaster featured in Round 1. It was Gemini at Cedar Point! Here is the original photo: This week it gets a little bit harder. Start Guessing!

Trip Report: Indiana Beach

Coaster101 forum member “DropZone99” takes on a tour through a tour of Indiana Beach in… you guessed it: Indiana. This park features rides like Steel Hawg, Cornball Express, and Hoosier Hurricane.

Coasting for Kids

I am participating in the Cedar Point Coasting for Kids 2009 Ride-a-thon on Wednesday, August 26, 2009. If you’re at the park that day you will be able to catch me riding Gemini from 7AM-5PM. This ride-a-thon is a fun...

Holiday World 2010

I was skeptical of Holiday World getting a large new attraction next year until I saw this in the newsletter emailed yesterday: “Yes, we will have a new…thing…for next year… Our big announcement will be Thursday, August 13, at 11...

Photo Contest Results

The results are in and here are the winners of Coaster101’s Second Annual Photography Contest! Thanks to everyone who entered! Winner – People’s Choice: Brian Raymond Winner – Editor’s Choice: Natalie Visage Honorable Mentions Jordan Darrington Alex Chihak

Trip Report: Six Flags Great America

Today I returned from a full day of Six Flags Great America after a four-year hiatus of visiting the park. This was the first time seeing the park in the “Shapiro-era”, so I was curious to see what all had...