Universal Unveils Epic Universe How to Train Your Dragon Details

Universal revealed exciting new details about Isle of Berk, the How to Train Your Dragon-themed land that will open inside the brand new Universal Epic Universe theme park in 2025 at Universal Orlando Resort.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk overview

All Isle of Berk concept art courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort/Universal Creative

Isle of Berk is one of five themed worlds at Epic Universe, which is currently under construction. The land will join the Celestial Park, Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World and Dark Universe.

Portal entry to How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

The land will join the Celestial Park, Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World and Dark Universe.

In addition to an impressive selection of rides, Isle of Berk will feature character meet-and-greets, a show, restaurants and shops — all themed to the successful How to Train Your Dragon movie trilogy.

According to a news release from Universal, How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk “captures the heart, humor and scale of the films within an authentic recreation of the rugged, rocky world where raucous Vikings and rambunctious dragons live together in hilarious harmony.”

Universal’s description of the land touts the immersive environment guests will enjoy:

Guests visiting Berk will encounter one of the most breathtaking environments Universal has ever created – complete with immense architecture featuring hand-carved details, lush landscaping, and extraordinary heights of rolling hills surrounding vibrant dragon houses and local establishments. And everywhere guests look within the bustling village, they’ll find endless activity – from active dragons in their natural habitats and sheep attempting to disguise themselves as Terrible Terror dragons to sporadic bouts of fire – making Isle of Berk an attraction unto itself.

Isle of Berk

Upon entering Isle of Berk, guests will be treated to a sweeping view just like in the films with a “vast sparkling lagoon that boasts two 40-foot-tall Viking statues set against an energetic village perched above churning seas.”

Isle of Berk will be home to four rides, a live show and multiple character (and dragon) meet-and-greet opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about each:

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders Family Coaster

This family-friendly coaster will feature a top speed of 45 mph as it travels around Isle of Berk. Universal describes the coaster — believed to be manufactured by Intamin — “a winged flying machine that launches aspiring Dragon Riders into the sky for a dragon’s eye view of Berk.” The coaster will also feature a section that travels under the land’s lagoon.

The Untrainable Dragon Live Show

A live show inspired by the successful “Untrainable” at Universal Beijing Resort, this production will immerse guests in a journey with beloved characters from the How to Train Your Dragon film, including Hiccup, Toothless, Gobber and Astrid as they team up to solve the mystery of The Untrainable Dragon. The show will feature musical numbers, large sets and life-sized dragons flying overhead.

Fyre Drill Water Ride

Fyre Drill will center around Viking twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut in a splash battle-style interactive boat ride that challenges guests to “compete to outscore and out-soak” each other on this wet-and-wild boat battle. Guests will set sail on colorful dragon-headed boats and blast water cannons at flame-like targets to practice putting out fires. It appears to be a Mack Splash Battle interactive boat ride.

Dragon Racer’s Rally

Dragon Racer’s Rally appears to be a Gerstlauer Sky Fly attraction that allows guests to choose their own adventure, performing various “aerobatic maneuvers and high-speed barrel rolls” as they soar to heights of up to 67 feet in the air. Riders will be able to control how intense the experience is “as they perform high-flying, gravity-defying, swooping and soaring skills that are necessary to earn the accolades worthy of a true champion dragon racer.”

Viking Training Camp

This interactive play structure will allow younger guests to “climb, slide and explore,” in the expansive interactive adventure play camp. The attraction will include an agility course, themed teeter-totter, dragon climbers and more.

Meet Hiccup and Toothless

Inside the Haddock Paddock, guests can have meet-and-greet experiences with various characters from the How to Train Your Dragon films. Characters will also roam the land during the day, giving guests the opportunities for chance encounters.

Inside Isle of Berk, guests can also dine and shop like Vikings in the world’s variety of themed eateries and retail locations, including:

Mead Hall Restaurant

The Mead Hall restaurant will allow guests to “feast like a Viking” from a savory menu offering meats, fish, sandwiches and other offerings — paired with meads (an alcoholic beverage) and ciders.

Isle of Berk will include two additional dining locations in addition to Mead Hall:

Spit Fyre Grill will be a quick-service eatery overlooking the Fyre Drill interactive Splash Battle attraction. The grill’s menu will include “delicious, hearty meals flame-seared by a helpful (unseen) dragon fry cook.

Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel will offer quick bites at a racing-themed food stand located inside the Viking Camp.

Guests will have an array of shops to purchase How to Train Your Dragon merchandise, including Viking Traders, How to Treat Your Dragon, Hiccup’s Work Shop and Toothless’ Treasures.

Watch the video for more Isle of Berk details:

Universal in January announced details about Epic Universe’s Celestial Park world that guests will encounter as they enter the theme park.

Universal Epic Universe is expected to open in 2025. To learn more, visit the Epic Universe website.

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