Is it Officially the End of Montezooma’s Revenge?

In early 2022, Knott’s Berry Farm announced a multi-month refurbishment project for the park’s iconic shuttle loop, Montezooma’s Revenge, that would see the coaster close for the entirety of 2022, and reopen at some point in 2023. If you’ve been following along, you’ll realize that it’s now almost two full months into 2024, and there has been no announced reopening date. Instead, there are now a few signs that have left us wondering if this classic Schwarzkopf coaster has actually already given its final rides, for good.


Launch on Montezooma’s Revenge

Originally open in 1978, Montezooma’s Revenge was one of just three remaining “Shuttle Loop” models from now-defunct German ride manufacturer Schwarzkopf, and the only one left in the United States prior to its February 2022 closure. In fall of 2022, Knott’s Berry Farm provided new details about the re-imagined coaster, noting that the modernization would feature a new name – MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress, along with a new, immersive back story, new theming, and a new, modernized randomized launch sequence that would leave riders guessing if they would start their ride headed backwards or forwards.

The coaster renovation was part of a greater revamp of the surrounding Fiesta Village, which reopened with new “zones” in the area, new food locations, an updated stage, and a redesigned marketplace. However, when Fiesta Village reopened in 2023, MonteZOOMa did not open along with it, with the park citing “construction delays” as the reason.

Clues to Montezooma’s Demise?

But while there has been no “official” word from the park to date, it leaves park fans and coaster enthusiasts wondering if Montezooma will indeed return, or if it close forever. Reading the tea leaves, there are two somewhat telling signs that the Montezooma may be done for good.

First, following the release of Knott’s Berry Farm’s new mobile app earlier this year, eagle-eyed park fans noticed that on the new app’s park map that there was definitely something missing – and there’s a “shuttle loop-sized” gap between Fiesta Village and Camp Snoopy. Montezooma’s Revenge is not on the mobile map.

While Montezooma’s Revenge is still visually represented listed on the 2024 Knott’s Berry Farm desktop website map and noted as “MonteZOOMa: Under Construction,” it’s worth noting that Knott’s Berry Farm’s “new-for-2024” re-imagined Camp Snoopy attractions –  Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister roller coaster, Sally’s Swing Along, and Snoopy’s Off-Road Rally – are not listed on either map, leading us to think that an updated 2024 map is on the way, and more details will certainly be revealed at that time.

Was it a simple oversight, or foreshadowing the actual end of Montezooma’s Revenge? If the map isn’t an indication of what’s to come, maybe an official government document can be.

During Cedar Fair’s SEC filing for 2023 that was released on February 16, 2024, it was also noted on page 22 that “The loss on impairment/retirement of fixed assets for both periods (referring to the years 2022 & 2023) included retirements of assets in the normal course of business, including a specific terminated project at Knott’s Berry Farm in the current year.” While it doesn’t mention Montezooma’s Revenge by name, the canceling of a planned reimagining of an attraction does seem to fit the bill of “terminated project at Knott’s Berry Farm” at the base level of the definition – we’re definitely not claiming to be SEC filing experts or experts on related terminology, though.

While we continue to read the tea leaves, we’ll wait for official word from the park on the fate of Montezooma’s Revenge, which we’ll hopefully find out sooner rather than later.

Are you hopeful that Montezooma’s Revenge returns? Ready to see Knott’s Berry Farm invest in a new attraction to fit the space? Let us know in the comments below!