Kennywood Announces Potato Patch Bumper Cars for 2024

Worlds are colliding at Kennywood in 2024, as the park’s Gran Prix Bumper Cars will be receiving a new theme and new cars in 2024 — themed to one of the park’s most iconic landmarks – The Potato Patch.

Image of Kennywood Potato Patch Bumper Cars

“Grab your best spud and get behind the wheel on one of the cheesiest rides around, themed to Kennywood’s signature fresh cut Potato Patch® fries,” the park wrote in an email. “We’re serving up a one-of-a-kind experience next spring with a complete reimagining of our bumper cars with 20 all-new vehicles.”

Based on concept art in the email, the new bumper cars will be themed to paper “Fry Boats,” complete with fork-themed pole-mounted contact shoes. (yes, I 100% had to google what that element of a Bumper Car was called). Kennywood notes that there are more details coming soon, so it’s unknown if there will be additional Potato Patch-themed bumper car designs featuring the array of classic Potato Patch toppings.

Gran Prix just celebrated its 50th birthday at Kennywood. Open in 1973, the Reverchon bumper cars were added at the park to replace another bumper car attraction – Scooter, which operated at the park from 1935-1979.

We can’t wait for more information to be unveiled this offseason…and now we’re suddenly hungry. For more information, make sure to visit Kennywood’s website, and follow the park on social media: Facebook | Twitter/X | Instagram



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