Lost Mine Mountain Coaster Review

Yet another alpine coaster has opened in the Smoky Mountain region and it’s the best themed one yet. The creators of the Lost Mine Mountain Coaster knew they had to do something to stand out in this crowded market. Rather than going for a height, length, or speed record, they went the family-friendly route: theming.
The Lost Mine Mountain Coaster is located at 2509 Teaster Lane in Pigeon Forge, right behind The Island and the second closest alpine coaster to Dollywood. Look for the bright red mining outpost.
The mountain coaster costs a single adult $18 to ride but kids are less and there are combo tickets that include the mini-golf course next door. After purchasing your ticket, there is an indoor, themed mine shaft queue to walk-through before boarding the one-or-two passenger sleds.

Lost Mine is a Gen 2 alpine coaster by Wiegand that features all the latest safety and technological advancements. It uses Intelligent Distance Control Assist Systems (IDCAS) to help prevent carts from getting too close. Right off the bat I noticed the uphill climbs are much steeper than other alpine coasters I’ve been on.

Gen 1 alpine coasters (pictured) have rough lift tracks to prevent wheel slippage but Gen 2 uses a different anti-roll back devices with smooth tracks.

The Lost Mine Mountain Coaster has a total of four cable lifts and four downhill run outs. The second lift is very long and goes through a tunnel before depositing you out into Bear Foot Ridge.
The track is 5,400 feet long and takes between 9 – 18 minutes depending on how fast you want to go. Top speed is advertised as 30 miles per hour.
Seriously, if only Big Bear Mountain at Dollywood could have had this much theming! Maybe they have an extra bear they can borrow.
Besides being the best themed alpine coaster in the region, Lost Mine Mountain Coaster also has one of the best views. Coming over the third lift you’re treated to a view of Pigeon Forge with the Smoky Mountain Wheel at The Island front and center and, of course, the backdrop of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Entering the trepid tunnel…

Most of the coaster is hidden from view:
I like the observation area complete with rocking chairs and firepit for the non-riders:
A more climatic ending and slightly more downhill track are the only thing keeping this from being the perfect alpine coaster. While it’s not the most thrilling, Lost Mine Mountain Coaster is still one of my favorites in the region. If you’ve never been on an alpine coaster or are riding with a family, this is the one coaster you want to ride in the region. Unfortanelty, we didn’t get to ride at night but they claim to “offer the largest lighting package in the area.”

Lost Mine Mountain Coaster POV Video

Take a ride with us on the Lost Mine Mountain Coaster by watching the video below. My daughter loved trying to spot all the mischievous bears along the track.

Riders must be at least 38” tall and 3 years old to ride the mountain coaster, and riders between 38” and 54” inches must ride with an adult. The maximum weight per cart is 375 pounds in dry conditions and 330 pounds in wet or icy conditions.

For more information and hours of operation visit Lost Mine Mountain Coaster here.

Have you ridden Lost Mine Mountain Coaster? Where does it rank for you? What’s your favorite alpine coaster in the Smoky Mountain region? Let us know in the comments below.