Six Flags America Shuts Down 2 Areas Indefinitely

six flags america entrance

Six Flags America Entrance – Taken by Kyle, 2021

As parks are getting ready to open for the 2023 season, some enthusiasts are taking note to the new park maps that are being uploaded onto the park’s website. One park that has seen some significant changes for 2023 is Six Flags America in Bowie, MD.

six flags america map

Six Flags America 2023 Map

Those that have visited the park before will notice 2 entire areas are no longer present on the map: Coyote Creek and Whistlestop Park. Coyote Creek contained the Mind Eraser Vekoma SLC, Renegade Rapids, Coyote Creek Crazy Cars and Rodeo. Whistlestop Park was a kiddie ride area that was first introduced into the park in 2010 and was initially themed to Thomas the Tank Engine before being rebranded as Whistlestop Park and was home to 6 various train-themed children’s rides. These areas were closed late in the 2022 season but it seems that it will be carrying over to 2023 as well.

mind bender six flags america

Mind Eraser at Six Flags America – Taken by Kyle, 2021

This appears to be similar tactics Six Flags used back during the early 2000’s with Kentucky Kingdom as attendance was dropping to use areas of the park that are easy to close off to cut down on maintenance and employment costs. While we don’t know how long these areas will be closed off to the public, it is safe to say it will not be during the 2023 season and more than likely not until Six Flags has deemed attendance high enough to reopen these areas and rides. While losing an entire kiddie ride section is sure to disappoint any parents with kids, hopefully that will be the first area to open back up when the money is there.

Meanwhile, Six Flags America has introduced a new Master Blaster water slide by WhiteWater West for the 2023 season called RipQurl Blaster. Hopefully that should give the park a good attendance boost it seems to desperately need.


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  1. Jon Grantham says:

    Mind Eraser, not Mind Bender.

  2. Juanito Castro says:

    Why six flags water park keeps closing?

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