Guess the Coaster: Volume 1

If you’ve been following along with us on social media, specifically Instagram, you know we’ve been doing a “Guess the Coaster” series where we post an overhead diagram of a random roller coaster’s layout for you to try to guess which one it is.  If not, you’re in luck. Below are the last ten mystery coasters we’ve done, complete with hints if you get stumped.

How big of a roller coaster nerd are you? See if you can correctly guess all ten! Input your guesses in the comments below.

Mystery Coaster #1

Hint: Not at a large park chain.

Mystery Coaster #2

Hint: A hybrid before they were cool.

Mystery Coaster #3

Hint: A very custom layout, wouldn’t you say?

Mystery Coaster #4

Hint: It’s not Megaphobia.

Mystery Coaster #5

Hint: It’s not new but is has new in the name.

Mystery Coaster #6

Hint: First coaster on this list not found in North America.

Mystery Coaster #7

Hint: You’ve got a friend in this coaster.

Mystery Coaster #8

Hint: It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s…

Mystery Coaster #9

Hint: shares it’s home with a monster of a coaster

Mystery Coaster #10

Hint: An Alan Schilke special.

 Guess the Coaster: Volume 1 Answers

To see the correct answers, watch the end of this video:

How’d you do? Do you like this type of content? Let us know if you want to do more Guess the Coasters or not.


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6 Responses

  1. James says:

    I got two. Slinky Dog Dash and Excalibur. The later is at my home park, and I have been on Slinky Dog.

  2. Steve says:

    7 and 8 were the only two I guessed correct and that was thanks to the hints.

  3. Darren Mullins says:

    2. Excalibur
    4. Rampage
    5. New Mexico Rattler
    7. Slinky Dog Dash

  4. whatdahecko says:

    #9 raven?idk im that good at coater trivia

  5. Ryan H says:

    This is kind of RIDICULOUS!!! this is NOT for coaster lovers, this is trivia for ENGINEERS who can read a roller coaster blueprint/Spec

  6. Fox says:

    #6 is el toro at six flags great adveture

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