Dollywood Announces 2022 Festivals and New Season Pass Structure

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7 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Why not let every passholder get the refillable mug wether it be gold silver or diamond the price dhoyld include a cup if you have kids or grands you will purchsse several more

  2. Tillie R Malone says:

    Where is Southern Gospel Month? It needs to be brought back . this was the best thing they have other than the Kingdom Heirs

    Dollywood needs to realize they are not Disney World in no way

  3. Ron Gjerde says:

    What are the special events. One of the reasons I bought gold passes for both my wife and me was the opportunity to go to the “special events”. I haven’t seen anything listed yet.

  4. Marie DuCharme says:

    I loved Festival of Nations and Southern Gospel Festival. Bring them both back!!!! Will NEVER go for Halloween.

  5. David Lucas says:

    I spent money for gold pass last year and feel I got ripped off drove from Knoxville and after arriving was told I couldn’t get in the park because I didn’t have a reservation. Dollywood has our emails why couldn’t they let us know ??

  6. I bought the gold last year for the free parking! It more than pays for itself. I didn’t receive any email information about the gold event on the 11th though. By the time someone told me it was all booked up. Bring back gospel! I love dollywood and the new gold pass!

  7. Sharon Sorrels says:

    We are very disappointed that no bluegrass festival is included this year. We have been visiting Dollywood for about 30 years. It might be time to evaluate its value for us.

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