Giveaway: National Roller Coaster Day 2020

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27 Responses

  1. Sean Maurer says:

    El Toro
    Lightning Rod

  2. John H. Campbell says:

    Fury 325
    Wild Eagle

  3. Jeffrey markowitz says:

    1. Top thrill dragster
    2. Steel vengeance
    3. El toro

  4. Geoff says:

    Steel Vengeance
    Millenium Force
    Ravine Flyer II

  5. Dustin Puckett says:

    Fury 325
    Lighting Rod
    Steel Vengeance

  6. Dustin says:

    Fury 325
    Lighting Rod
    Steel Vengeance

  7. Paul Duell says:

    Kingda Ka

  8. Tara M says:

    Lighting Rod
    Wild Eagles

  9. Kevin says:

    Fury 325
    Steel Vengeance
    Hades 360 (back row is insane)

  10. Evan Peetros says:

    1. Millennium Force
    2. El Toro
    3. Maverick

  11. Marlin S says:

    1. Steel Vengeance
    2. Banshee
    3. Voyage

  12. Kenny G says:

    Hulk @ Universal Orlando’s IOA
    Fury 325 @ Carowinds
    Lightning Rod @ Dollywood

  13. Tyler B says:

    The Smiler
    Yukon Striker

  14. The Boss
    The Legend

  15. Chas Brosemer says:

    1. Millennium Force
    2. Steel Vengeance
    3. The Incredible Hulk Coaster

  16. Dana says:

    Kingda Ka At Six Flags Great Adventure
    Invadr at Busch Gardens
    El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure

  17. Eric A says:

    American Eagle
    Viper @ SFGAm
    Batman the Ride @ SFGAm

  18. Jordan H. says:

    Steel Vengeance
    Storm Chaser
    Mystic Timbers

  19. Mark S says:

    Fury 325
    Goliath SFoG
    Twisted Cyclone

  20. Vincent Savage Jr says:

    Superman the Ride
    Intimidator 305

  21. Brandon Driscoll says:

    Steel Vengeance

  22. Josh C says:

    Millennium Force
    Steel Vengeance

  23. Vincent S. says:

    Superman: Escape from Krypton
    The Joker

  24. KV says:

    Kingda Ka
    Superman the ride

  25. Andrew says:

    Mystic Timbers

  26. Ian says:

    1. Millennium Force
    2. Cannibal
    3. Tremors

  27. David Ellis says:

    1. Beast
    2. Mystic Timbers
    3. Orion

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