Airtime Tours Announces New Coaster Tour Itineraries


A new tour company has a plan for giving roller coaster enthusiasts what they want most—maximum airtime.

Airtime Tours has unveiled five tours for summer 2020 on its website, Each 9-day tour will spend 8 days at amusement parks across the country. In total, the company plans to spend 40 days at 30 different parks.

The price for the tours are all-inclusive. Guests will receive admission to up to 8 parks on each trip, all food and drink, double occupancy hotel accommodations and more. Round-trip transportation will be provided by a charter bus that includes an on-board bathroom and Wi-Fi.

John Carlton, owner and operator of Airtime Tours, says the idea for the company came from his teenage son.

“Alex is a real roller coaster enthusiast,” he said. “When he told me he wanted to drive himself to amusement parks all over the country, I knew there had to be a better—and less stressful option. That’s when we decided to create unique tours for coaster enthusiasts.”

In addition to thrill rides, the trips will give enthusiasts an opportunity to meet others in the coaster community. The tours are open to both teenagers and adults. Young teens traveling without parental supervision must remain with a group at all times—but the goal is to ride as many great coasters as possible. According to the FAQ for AirtimeTours, the minimum age to take a tour is 13 years old.

“We’re going to be hitting some of the best coasters in the country,” said Carlton. “From fan-favorites like Steel Vengeance, the Voyage and Iron Rattler, to brand new coasters including Orion, Pantheon and Jersey Devil.”

Airtime Tours hopes the idea will appeal to guests from overseas. “For coaster enthusiasts living outside of the U.S., this is a great way to rack up a ton of credits on some of the world’s top coasters—all without the hassle of planning or driving,” said Carlton.

“If you love coasters, we’re going to make sure you have the time of your life next summer.”

Here’s a quick glimpse at the five itineraries Airtime Tours is offering next summer.

Southern Roll: June 6-14, 2020. Price: $3,500

  • June 6: Pick-Up in Houston or San Antonio.
  • June 6: SeaWorld San Antonio
  • June 7: Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  • June 8: Six Flags Over Texas
  • June 9: Frontier City
  • June 10: Worlds of Fun
  • June 11: Six Flags St. Louis
  • June 12: Silver Dollar City
  • June 13: Magic Springs
  • June 14: Drop-Off in Houston or San Antonio

East Coast Inversion: June 20-28, 2020. Price: $3,500

  • June 20: Pick Up in Durham, NC and Charlotte, NC
  • June 20: Carowinds
  • June 21: Dollywood
  • June 22: Kentucky Kingdom
  • June 23: Kings Island
  • June 24: Cedar Point
  • June 25: Kennywood
  • June 26: Six Flags America
  • June 27: Kings Dominion
  • June 28: Drop-Off in Durham and Charlotte

Off The Rails: July 10-19, 2020. Price: $3,500

  • July 10: Pick up in Chicago, IL. Fly to Atlanta, GA.
  • July 11: Pick up in Atlanta
  • July 11: Six Flags Over Georgia
  • July 12: Carowinds
  • July 13: Dollywood
  • July 14: Kentucky Kingdom
  • July 15: Kings Island
  • July 16-17: Cedar Point
  • July 18: Six Flags Great America
  • July 19: Drop off in Chicago, Atlanta travelers fly back to Atlanta

Midwest Drop: July 25-August 2, 2020. Price: $3,500

  • July 25: Pick up in Milwaukee and Chicago.
  • July 25: Six Flags Great America
  • July 26: Indiana Beach
  • July 27: Kentucky Kingdom
  • July 28: Holiday World
  • July 29: Six Flags St. Louis
  • July 30: Adventureland
  • July 31: Valleyfair!
  • August 1: Mt. Olympus
  • August 2: Drop off in Milwaukee and Chicago

Northeast Launch: August 8-16, 2020. Price: $3,500

  • August 8: Pick Up in Providence, RI and Boston, MA
  • August 8: Six Flags New England
  • August 9: Lake Compounce
  • August 10: Dorney Park
  • August 11: Knoebels
  • August 12: Hersheypark
  • August 13: Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • August 14: Kings Dominion
  • August 15: Six Flags Great Adventure
  • August 16: Drop Off in Providence and Boston.

Guests can reserve their spot on any of the tours by making a $500 deposit on

For more information, visit, call 866-377-5553 or email [email protected]




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