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Worlds of Fun Adding Boathouse Grill for 2019

August 16 has served a dual purpose over the last few years. In addition to National Roller Coaster Day, it has also served as an unofficial announcement day for what Cedar Fair parks are planning for the next season. We now have our second Cedar Fair announcement of the season (following yesterday’s Yukon Striker announcement from Canada’s Wonderland) and it’s from Worlds of Fun; The debut of the park’s new Boathouse Grill restaurant.

Worlds of Fun will soon break ground on the 9,000 square foot restaurant that will seat more than 300 guests (316 in fact), making it the largest dining facility in the park. Scheduled to open in spring 2019, Boathouse Grill will provide visitors with an enhanced dining experience in an outdoor setting with views of some of the park’s most popular rides.

“With the recent addition of our executive chef Wesley Boston, the culinary team has continuously found ways to elevate the park’s food offerings,” said Tony Carovillano, general manager of Worlds of Fun. “Now with a new flagship dining location, Boathouse Grill will help us continue these tremendous strides by creating a dining experience that is as memorable as our rides.”

The menu at Boathouse Grill showcases an array of fan favorites like authentic Kansas City barbecue, rotisserie chicken, a selection of home-style sides and desserts, and healthy options like salads and fresh vegetables. The restaurant will feature porch-style seating, and a patio where guests may sip a craft beer while enjoying views of the Patriot roller coaster and SteelHawk swings.

Located in the Americana section of the park, its name, architecture and theming pay tribute to Worlds of Fun’s history and the three iconic boats that welcomed guests when the park first opened in 1973; Cotton Blossom, Henrietta and Victrix. The three boats were previously historic movie props that were purchased at MGM Studios in Hollywood. Henrietta, from the movie Around the World in 80 Days in which the park is themed after (or the novel at least), served as the former park entrance. Boathouse Grill will be located very closely to Henrietta’s former location.

Boathouse Grill will also be included in Worlds of Fun’s dining plans.

We’ll be at Worlds of Fun later this year to experience their Halloween Haunt event, and will follow up with some construction photos. Who’s hungry? Let us know in the comments below!


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3 Responses

  1. Harrison says:

    This was a bad addition. Sure they are the third least attended park (including Gilroy Gardens) but still, this is just awful.

  2. Robert Brown says:

    I think cedar fair should sell the parks they obviously have no interest in there’s a reason people don’t come we have the same rides and coasters sell it to someone that will invest in it world’s of fun has more potential than all other parks if someone would invest in it cedar fair sucks

  3. Harrison says:

    I asked Michigan’s Adventure what they were adding in 2019. They said a season pass.

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