Kings Mills Antique Autos coming to Kings Island in 2019

What’s old is new again at Kings Island in 2019, as earlier today the park announced the addition of Kings Mills Antique Autos, which will debut at the park next spring.

Photo: WCPO

The announcement was made 14 years to the day that Kings Island’s first version of the “Antique Cars” attraction closed to make way for the Italian Job: Stunt Track (now known as the Backlot Stunt Coaster.) The Antique Cars were an original Kings Island attraction, and operated in that space from 1972-2004.

Kings Mills Antique Autos will be located in the Coney Mall section of Kings Island, across from the Juke Box Diner, and running alongside the park’s iconic “Racer” wooden coaster. The track length will be a quarter of a mile long, and riders will be treated to a rail-guided three minute ride.

The ride vehicles will be 2/3 scale replicas of 1911 Ford Model-Ts, which will all be new, but maintain the “vintage” feel of the classic ride. With the addition of Kings Mills Antique Autos, Kings Island noted that they were focusing on entertainment that the entire family could enjoy.

“For so many of our guests, it’s an attraction they remember riding with their whole family,” Kings Island Vice President and General Manager Mike Koontz said in an article posted on Cincinnati’s WCPO.  “Another memory that’s shared with me when we talk about Antique Cars is that it was their very first driving experience as a kid.”

What do you think of Kings Island’s 2019 announcement? Think they’re going to drop something big on us in 2019 for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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