Ghost Town Alive Returns to Knott’s Starting This Weekend

Last year Knott’s Berry Farm introduced the interactive live action story/play Ghost Town Alive! for their 75th anniversary. It involved actors in Ghost Town going about their business throughout the day, walking through a story that guests could interact with, watch patiently, or ignore completely as they wanted. It was an ambitious even that seemed to work (check out the OC Register Review here). Earlier this year the park announced that they would be bringing it back this summer with even more characters and story variation. The return of Ghost Town Alive begins this summer, and the park has revealed more details about what it will entail.

Ghost Town Alive is returning this weekend, bigger and better than last year!

The story of this year’s Ghost Town Alive is a continuation of last years, one year later. From the press release,

“The story continues a year after the notorious Mayfield Gang escaped the custody of Sheriff Wheeler. Word around town is the Mayfield’s have been spotted back in Calico and the townsfolk are in need of some help in capturing the bandits and keeping the town safe. Ghost Town Alive! will offer guests a firsthand experience to play an important part in this unfolding story of the wild west, with specific tasks and activities and an essential role as an honorary citizen of Calico.”

Enjoy interacting with characters like the Sheriff in Ghost Town Alive.

General manager of Knott’s, Jon Storbeck, said, “Guests of all ages will have the opportunity to not just interact with the citizens of Calico, but will have the ability to influence how the story takes shape. Our Entertainment team has been working all year in developing new storylines, adding new characters and activities that make up the lively town of Calico.” The park promises Ghost Town Alive will be even bigger than last year.

In addition to the return of Ghost Town Alive, the park is also debuting a new Snoopy show, Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue. The “Traveling Circus” show also returns this summer on the Calico Mine stage in Ghost Town, filled with stunts, acrobatics, and pyrotechnics. And of course, Ghost Town will be filled with the typical entertainment like the Wild West Stunt Show and the Calico Saloon Show.

Ghost Town Alive! will run from May 27 through September 4th. More information on the return of Ghost Town Alive can be found at the Knott’s website, and if you make it this summer share with us the stories you encounter!


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