Jurassic War Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Floorless Coaster

From time to time, I still have the urge to open up the nearly 11-years-old RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

After seeing this summer’s box office smash Jurassic World, I was inspired to build a roller coaster that would be “set” following the events of Jurassic World.

And with that, Jurassic War was built.

Riders venture into the “raptor pit” and face off against another train in this twisted, compact B&M floorless coaster.

The Jurassic War “ride story” is as follows:

Your adventure begins after the events of Jurassic World in the research facilities on the nearly deserted Isla Nublar, home of the ill-fated theme park.

A group of government officials have returned to the island to weaponize the remaining Velociraptors – an endeavor that played a role in Jurassic World.

Riders depart the station and navigate through the island’s rocky terrain. A barrel roll flips riders head over hills – a 180-degree turn transitions into the 80-foot-tall lift hill.

The train then plunges near-vertically 110 feet into the “raptor pit” testing ground. Riders enter a double-inversion bowtie element – a first for a Bolliger & Mabillard coaster.

The bowtie element transitions directly into the first vertical loop – which syncs with a train completing the second half the coaster’s 3,996-foot layout.

A sidewinder inversion turns the train back toward the core of the raptor pit. The train threads through the first vertical loop and plunges toward the ground, entering the first of three “cages” meant to slow the raptors. But as learned in Jurassic World, nothing goes according to plan. The first of the two cages “launch” riders rather than slow them. The first launch leads into a large banked turn.

The second launch is considerably more powerful – launching riders from 40-58 mph and into an inverted turn. Riders then maneuver an inclined loop before maneuvering a dizzying ground-hugging chase sequence toward the second vertical loop.

Like the first, it syncs with a train completing the first half of the coaster. A sweeping turn begins the return to the station, but not before a zero-g roll 40 feet above the ground.

The ride concludes with a “flatspin roll” element that leads into the brake run.

If Bolliger & Mabillard ever made a Smiler-esque coaster, this would be it.



  • LENGTH: 3,996 feet / 1,218 m
  • HEIGHT: 80 feet / 24 m
  • DROP: 110 feet / 33.5 m
  • SPEED: 58 mph / 93 km/h
  • TRAINS: 4, 20-seat trains (5 rows of riders seated 4 abreast)



1. Barrel Roll
2. 3. Bowtie (2)
4. Vertical Loop
5. Sidewinder
6. Inverted Turn
7. Inclined Loop
8. Vertical Loop
9. Zero-G Roll
10. Flatspin Roll

You can see more of my RCT3 work here.


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