Easter at Chessington World of Adventures

An early season trip to the capital meant an opportunity to make a return visit to this park to take in some early season operations.

Although the day we visited coincided with an exceptionally warm spell the weather was certainly a factor in the decent attendances we saw.

april 8 306

Chessington’s senior coaster the Vampire only opened for the season I believe this week, and only one train available meant the ride was closed except for those lucky enough to obtain timed tickets for later in the day.

april 8 310

I am still unsure if the Vekoma trains retrofitted to this ride have improved it.

Elsewhere in the park lines were relatively long at the other coasters.

Dragons Fury, the Maurer spinner has had off season maintenance to it, but had hour plus queues for much of the day.


The often elusive Mack Wild Mouse coaster, Rattlesnake was running well and needs to with only two major coasters running on this day. This one hasn’t gained the roughness that some mice rides seem to have developed.

april 8 317

There has been some good investment in the park in recent years, this area , Wild Asia , the Kobra disc-o fitting nicely, as well as rethemes of other rides in this area.


Always fun on a warm day, particularly with the family atmosphere here, the Dragon Falls flume is popular.

april 8 318

There’s always time for a ride on our favourite ride at the park, the Bubble Works darkride. Still a nice ride, with a unique theme.

april 8 309

Sadly the larger queues didn’t allow rides on the other darkride Tomb Blaster on this day.

Chessington also maintains plenty of rides from its earlier years including the slightly retro looking monorail train.

april 8 311

The lines at the park prompted us to leave a little earlier than usual, and this allowed a visit to nearby Hampton Court, where Irvin’s were presenting their Easter fair , this being the last day.

april 8 337

The last day here is operated as a charity day with wristbands available, which allow for cheaper ticket prices. The fair was pretty busy as a result of this with many rides just £1.

april 8 351

A good selection of rides on the ground ensure everyone is catered for. Roller coaster wise however, the only one was this Caterpillar Coaster. Does this count as a credit for you?

april 8 331

Never mind as rides like this new KMG Freak Out provide decent enough thrills in the absence of a major coaster.

april 8 339

Another popular ride at present, judging by their expanding number is the Star Flyer type. Common now at many U.K. fairs and I can understand why.

april 8 342

I am also happy that we have plenty of the Jumping Frog type ride on the fairs too, and even a handful at permanent parks. This was a decent example and nicely decorated. Unusual over the shoulder restraints for a Safeco frog.

april 8 341

Overall an interesting and varied rides day at both Chessington and on the fairground at Hampton Court.


Good operations in evidence and only perhaps the lack of a second train at the Vampire could have significantly improved people throughput.


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