Dad Builds 180-foot-long Backyard Coaster

Many coaster enthusiasts dream of building a roller coaster in their backyard, but few are able to turn the dream into a reality.


Meet father-of-two Will Pemble. After 300 hours of work, he built a 180-foot-long, functioning roller coaster, dubbed “The Caution Zone” in his Orinda, California backyard. All for around $3,500.

Pemble decided to build the backyard coaster after visiting an amusement park with his 10-year-old son Lyle.


The coaster reaches a top speed of 14 mph and is a hit with Pemble’s (and the neighborhood) kids.


All Photographs © Will Pemble

See the “Caution Zone” coaster in action in the video below:

Below, watch an onride video of the coaster during a test run:

To see more of “Coaster Dad” Will Pemble’s backyard creation, visit his YouTube channel.