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A-Z Coaster of the Week: Mr. Freeze

This week’s A-Z Coaster takes us to Six Flags St. Louis for Mr. Freeze.


The premier launched coaster, inspired by one of Batman’s greatest arch-enemies, launches riders “from zero to chill” (aka 70 mph) in less than four seconds thanks to the coaster’s 116 linear induction motors.


In 2012, the coaster’s trains were reversed, and the ride was renamed Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast.


Following the 70-mph launch, riders enter an inverted 150-foot top-hat inversion, followed by a 120-degree over-banked turn. The train then hurdles up to the top of a 218-foot tower. Since the trains were reversed, riders now look straight down as another set of linear induction motors helps the train climb toward the top of the 218-foot-tall spike.

And then the train plunges forward, completing the entire course again with riders facing forward.


Mr. Freeze utilizes a unique loading system that allows two trains to operate on the incomplete track course thanks to an innovative sliding platform in the station. As one train loads and unloads on one side of the station, the second train is launched through the course. After returning to the station, it slides to the unused side of the station and riders unload.


The coaster is a mirror image of Mr. Freeze at Six Flags over Texas. Both opened a year in 1998, a year later than expected due to technical problems that plagued both coasters.


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