Hurler at Carowinds Receiving Off-Season Repair

Great Coasters International (GCI) recently shared some interesting photos of the coaster company’s off-season work on Carowind’s Hurler wooden coaster.


The coaster opened in 1994, along with its sister coaster of the same name and design at Kings Dominion.


“The old structure has been removed from the curve after the first drop,” GCI reports.


This photo shows the coaster’s new bents in place following the 80-foot first drop.


Seen here are more bents being installed. From some angles, one might think that GCI is building a new coaster from scratch.


Visible in the photo above is the transition from the “old” Hurler to the “new” Hurler.


This overview shot shows much of GCI’s work done so far, including this turn that wraps around the loading station.


GCI believes that this improved turn will help with both maintenance and rider experience.


All Photos © Great Coasters International

It certainly looks well-supported.

Stay tuned to GCI on Facebook as they document the continued work on Hurler, which is expected to open as scheduled for the 2014 season.

What other wooden coasters could use a touch of GCI’s magic? Share your ideas in the comments section below.