Poll: Ride or Park Name on the Train?

Have you ever paid attention to the front of a coaster’s train? If so, you’ve probably noticed some differences in what parks choose to put on the front of each train. Many styles of trains offer a blank canvas upon which parks can promote the coaster’s name, park’s name or a third-party brand (we won’t cover that in this poll).

We want to know what you prefer to see on the front of a coaster train. Vote in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Some parks opt to put the coaster’s logo on the front of the train, as seen on Grizzly at California’s Great America.

Others use the front of the coaster train to market the park’s name, such as the Busch Gardens logo on the below Cheetah Hunt train.

Alternatively, some park’s choose to display both the park and coaster logo on the front of the train, as seen on Silverwood Theme Park’s Tremors train below.

Finally, other parks choose to leave the front of the train blank (or don’t have room for a logo), as seen on the Expedition Everest trains at Animal Kingdom.

Which do you prefer? Do you like to see the park’s logo, the coaster’s logo, both or nothing on coaster trains? Share your opinion in the parks below.

After voting, elaborate on your choice in the comments section below if you would like.


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