X-Labs Roller Coaster Factory

CoasterDynamix, the company behind the super realistic roller coaster models, made a big announcement via Facebook today. From their post: “After 3 years of development, Adam Reed Tucker (The creator of the Lego Architecture Series) and the engineers at CoasterDynamix are excited to announce a new way to create roller coasters that will blow your mind! The X-Labs Roller Coaster Factory finally allows you to build hyper-realistic roller coaster models with your current Lego bricks! We have designed brand new coaster trains and a whole new track style that makes a Lego roller coaster a reality. Simply add the Roller Coaster Factory track and train to a Lego support structure and let your imagination flow.  This amazing set will debut as a limited edition (Only 1000 sets will be made) collector’s item and will be available in the next week via the CoasterDynamix website.” Pictured below is all the types of parts that will come with the set. You have to build the support structure with your own pieces.

lego roller coaster with coasterdynamix

Adam teamed up with CoasterDynamix two years ago when he built this Lego roller coaster using their track system.

I can’t wait to see the creations people come up with. Seems like this would be a perfect fit if they sold it in the Legoland gift shops, no?


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