Dinosaurs Invade Ohio

If you have an affinity for large, extinct reptiles then Ohio is the place to be this summer. There are four major Dinosaur attractions at Ohio’s zoos and theme parks. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect at each one and what makes it unique:


Name: Dinosaurs Alive

Location: Cedar Point

Cost: $5

Number of Dinosaurs: 50

Dates Open: May 11, 2013 and operate daily throughout the summer

Details: Dinosaurs Alive is entering its second year at Cedar Point. Some dinosaurs are interactive.

Website: https://apps.cedarpoint.com/dinosaursalive/index.cfm?


Name: Dinosaurs Alive

Location: Kings Island

Cost: $5

Number of Dinosaurs: 60

Dates open: April 27 through the summer season

Details: The first Cedar Fair park to add the Dinosaurs Alive attraction will see a significant upgrade – the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur! A life-size Sauroposeidon will be 56 feet tall and 118 feet long. Kings Island also boasts the largest collection of dinosaurs in the Cedar Fair chain. Some dinosaurs are interactive.

Website: http://apps.visitkingsisland.com/dinosaursalive/dinos/

dinosaur island columbus zoo

Name: Dinosaurs!

Locations: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cost: $3.50 per person with regular Zoo admission, or $2 per person for Zoo members. Children younger than 2 are free.

Number of Dinosaurs: 21

Dates Open: May 9th and will be open daily through September 15

Details: From the powerful Tyrannosaurs to the winged Quetzalcoatlus, 21 animatronic dinosaur displays representing 15 different prehistoric species take over the Zoo’s Waterfowl Lake this summer.

Website: http://www.clemetzoo.com/whats_new/dinosaurs/

columbus zoo entrance with dinosaur

Name: Dinosaur Island

Location: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Cost: General Admission $3, Zoo members $2 (includes boat ride)

Number of Dinosaurs: 25

Dates open: Memorial Day to Labor Day

Details: What makes this dinosaur attraction unique is the zoo will actually utilize their existing boat ride making this a ride through attractive opposed to the others which are walk through only. The animatronics will also be dispersed between real animal exhibits. Dinosaurs last visited the zoo in 1996, when 16 life-size robotic creatures were on display.

Website: http://www.colszoo.org/explore_your_zoo/dinosaur_island/default.aspx

columbus zoo dinosaur island
I hope you enjoyed this Ohio dinosaur attraction comparison. Do you plan on visiting any this summer? Are you a fan of these upcharge attractions or against them?

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