Gatekeeper Update!

Cedar Point announced today that the Gatekeeper trains are now installed on the track! As you can see in the picture below, the decorative pieces are not yet installed but the body of the train is. Electrical testing has begun and will continue for a few more weeks before these test dummies will do their work.

Gatekeeper train installed

Here is a great close up shot of the LED’s that will light up the Cedar Point night sky when Gatekeeper takes flight in May!


Another update from Cedar Point this week was the plans for the Gatekeeper plaza. Visitors will be able to walk right up to the beach and get great views of the coaster and Lake Erie. The queue line will also be situated along the beach and will be very well shaded! This will be great on those hot summer days!

Gatekeeper Plaza

May 11th is getting closer and closer! Anybody else getting excited to see final touches being done on Gatekeeper?