Proposed Orlando Thrill Park is no more

Not very surprisingly, plans are no more for the Orlando Thrill Park:

“Plans for an thrill-ride park at the north end of Orlando’s International Drive have been abandoned.

The developer, I-Drive Investors LLC, has dropped its bid to put a group of roller coasters and other rides on 78 acres between Festival Bay shopping mall and the Tangelo Park neighborhood, citing the cost and difficulty of pursuing an appeal.

The city’s Municpal Planning Board rejected zoning changes for the project earlier this year, citing concerns about the effect noise from the attraction might have on the homes nearby.

The city has come to an agreement with the developer to conduct public hearings into land-use changes for developing the large, rectangular site. But both parties said Monday that a thrill-ride park would be expressly prohibited.

Neil Frazee, a representative of the land’s owner, said his clients realized they “probably couldn’t get it appreoved on that piece of property with the opposition” from some of the nearby residents.

Frazee said the developer is going to return to the drawing boad and doesn’t have alternative plans for the property at this point.”

Perhaps we’ll see the “Orlando Thrill Park” find a home elsewhere in the future.


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