Attraction Awards 2011: Nominations

It’s time once again for Coaster101’s annual Attraction Awards! This is an informal event we hold each year where we allow our readers to nominate and vote for their favorite park, coaster, etc. in a number of various categories.

This year, the categories are as follows:

  1. Most Anticipated 2011 U.S. Coaster
    Only new coasters please. Coasters that are being relocated will not be included in this category.
  2. Most Anticipated 2011 International Coaster
    As stated above, only new coasters will be included in this category.
  3. Most Missed Coaster
    Only coasters that closed after 2000 will be included in this category. Coasters that have reopened at another park will not be included in this category. Coasters that are still standing but not operating will be included in this category.
  4. Most Deserving of the “Rocky Mountain” Treatment
    Which wooden coasters are incredibly rough and deserve the same Rocky Mountain treatment that Texas Giant is receiving?
  5. Most Efficient Operations
    Which park consistently has efficient staff, not only at the rides but at the eateries, parking booths, etc.
  6. Best Use of Social Media
    Which park has best utilized social media to connect with fans and bring them up-to-date information?

Please use the nomination form below. Multiple nominations for each category are accepted. Please separate multiple nominations with commas. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, March 18, 2011. The top ten nominations from each category will be posted in a poll which will open on Monday, March 21, 2011.


The nomination process has ended. Click here to vote!