Wilderness Adventure Log Ride at Ontario Place

There’s been a lot of talk this season if you would consider Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point a log flume or not and whether or not it is a worthy replacement for White Water Landing. Many have described the ride as boring due to the slow speed of the boat in the flume. One could argue the typical flume ride travels faster down the course, or at least has a variation of speed throughout the course. This leads toward which log flume is the best?

My  personal favorite log flume ride which I have been on is the relatively unknown Wilderness Adventure Log Ride at Ontario Place. It’s got everything you want in a great log ride – thematic elements, rapids, different paced sections, great views, and a big drop at the end.
 You can get a good idea of the layout by checking out the Adventure Island section of the park map.
Good views on Bing maps too.
Another video.

What’s your favorite log flume attraction?


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