New Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Developments

It seems as if work may have finally started on the long-awaited Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 (RCT4) game.

The company has started a thread on its forums asking members what they want to see in the next installment in the popular game series. We suggest you share your thoughts so that they can improve upon the last game.

If you don’t feel like registering on the Atari website (I don’t blame you), post your suggestions using our comment system below and we’ll pass them along! We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

Update: The link to the Atari thread has been fixed.

A new website has popped up which you can follow for the latest information on the RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 release date.

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71 Responses

  1. Hamish says:


    Disney scenery would be nice. or at least an expansion pack that includes loads of disney stuff so you can make your own disney park…Disney would like that. I work for the walt disney corp. and I definitely know how eager some of disney’s producers would be.



  2. mark ofchain says:

    Much better performance would be grand, along with the ability to handle modern-sized screens, move around between peep views without having to use unwieldy cheats, make the coaster-cam work right, and stabilize it, not have the host of bugs in the last fixes to RTC3, have a finished game when it’s released, not a year later, better ability to adapt scenery size to placement, fixing the “ground level” so that it happens automatically, instead of requiring a lot of useless fiddling that accomplishes what a computer and a bulldozer would do for you in the real world without further direction, less silly scenarios and designs, …

  3. TrogdorK says:

    I would like to see the ability to use more theatrical elements in coaster designs. The best theme parks always use these elements to tell a story with their rides (i.e. Disney, Universal, etc.) starting from the beginning of the que all the way through the end of the ride. Giving the ability for greater customization of que and ride elements would be excellent. Another step could be to give players a variety of simpler elements which could be combined to make more complex rides/ride elements. For instance, a coaster car that could hook into an elevator section. Or combining fire elements and animatronics (like the fire on the ceiling section of the Mummy coaster at Universal). One feature I liked was the ability of players to use custom images and audio in RCT 3. It would add even more options if this was expanded to allow use of user created audio (or if this is too complex, the use of word bubbles) as part of interactive ride elements further allowing users to tell a unique story.

  4. PsychoScooby says:

    I’d like to be able to have the multi colored cars and trains like the first and second Roller Coaster Tycoon.That was a small feature, but I really missed in RCT3. Also I loved the water park and zoo expansion packs in RCT3, so I’d definately recommend keeping those.

    Mainly just keep it realistic and simulation style. I don’t think anyone wants another “Thrillville” with trains flying off the tracks lol. Chris Sawyer did a wonderful job with RCT 1 & 2, so just keep that same blueprint and I think the game will turn out great. Thanks for letting us give suggestions, and good luck with the game!

  5. G-Dawg says:


    I think a camera view that lets you see the park through any peeps eyes. Some more scenery and possibly easier to record etc.


  6. Gjika05 says:

    Iv been a huge fan as have all of us here, i remember playing RCT in the summer, trying to create real parks and real world coasters. I still play RCT2 to this day on my laptop. Some things i would like to see changed/added are: Turning off grid so we can work and place things on angles, like sidewalks and coasters giving more freedom, i have read and agree with the ability to have some type of CAD or advanced system in the game that lets you recreate real world coaster with ease. FPS camera is a good idea, more challenges, Keep the water park and zoo, better aquariums, and new scenery or an advanced way to build scenery. And like the comment above, how about some real world scenery from real parks, and one things i disliked was how the peeps just appeared, how about seeing a bus or cars pulling into parking lot, and last but not least change the boxy textures smooth out and add more of a realistic background. Other than that please come develop rct4 i would buy it in a hearbeat. Thank You All

  7. scoob65 says:

    i want to see open source or at least be able to make custom cars easily!!!!!

  8. gr8 monst3r says:

    tons of new thrill rides, super realistic graphics, realistic peeps/guests, an no limit for rollercoaster construction, thats what i would call a excellent game indeed.
    And don’t forget the accessories from rc2. It had a lot of cool walls and fences… bring them back 😉

    Thanx Atari for letting us share our ideas with the RCT team.

  9. Evan says:

    I’d want the CTR feature built in to RCT4. That would be nice. Also some better,more realistic scenery. More Buildings, Make the Flying Coaster have more inversions, and yeah.

  10. kevin says:

    Des bruitage plus realiste, des graphisme plus réel, des coaster egalement réaliste ( pour les coaster d’eau il faudrait des bac remplis sur le coter car dans le 3 l’eau on c pas trop d’ou elle vient ), une compatibilité avec la 3D vision, des panne reelle tel que la chaine qui s’arette etc …

  11. David says:

    An “UNDO” button, I hate that I accidentally deleted some of my coasters or custom scenery and then I don’t get it back, I want to be able to redo what I did. Next, the ability to delete things in the air. The delete options with three trash cans or one are fine, but they only delete what’s on the ground, and not what’s above it. I want to be able to delete things on the ground and in the air. Thirdly, coaster supports. I hate having to go to Vodhin’s or ShyGuy and get coaster supports, I think they should add realistic coaster supports every time you build a track without you having to do all the work. HD Realistic Scenery, now don’t get me wrong RCT3 has some realistic features in the game, but not so much. I would like to see better foliage, peeps, coasters, pathways, rides, lights, benches, etc. That would make the game really stand out. And would it hurt to tag along with No Limits Simulator?

  12. Traye says:

    Let’s see -more realistic track motions and structures
    -Use themes from Disney, Cedar, Dorney, Kings Dominion, Six Flags ect..

  13. Traye says:

    -An easier and faster custom Building system
    -being able to walk around yourself and play games, but don’t make it Thrillville
    -More versions of rides like Movie Rides, Indoor rides, etc..
    -New layout system.. grid’s kind of annoying
    -Being able to layout and build track more realistically
    -More customs for rides and plain scenery
    -Actual celebrities visiting
    -More realistic graphics…HD
    -More thrill rides
    -Actual destinations around the U.S. and the world… for park locations
    -in-coordinate sports themes maybe for restaurants like clips from ESPN.. or any other type of theme
    -All in all, just make the game similar to what a real theme park would be

  14. Sara says:

    I really loved RCT3! But there are some flous, though. I think you guys should have the custom supports ON the game, not a download. Also, in RCT2, you had the Six Flags parks. In RCT4, could you have th Disney parks, Cedar Point, and Kings Island instead? I would love you guys for that! Also, have a make-your-own entertainers, insted of the ones you have. Also, add lots more thrill and water rides. I think we have plenty of roller coasters. Keep the cam where you ride the ride! I love it so! Keep th Sandbox mode, too.

  15. Mark says:

    RCT 1 and 2 allowed track to be run through tunnels underwater and under / inside ground. I really missed that feature in RCT 3, since it allowed for some great thrilling designs that could not otherwise be possible. For RCT 4, please bring back this functionality to the track design tools. Also, more creative design tools for making rollercoaster themes and landscapes would be cool. A category for installing live shows in the park would be fun too (circuses are okay, but there are so many more cool things that could be featured, like stunt shows and water skiing and stuff). And on the maintenance side, how about an easier interface for dividing and monitoring the work and work zones of park employees (a quick check box that automatically splits the work evenly between workers would be fantastic for those of us who don’t want to spend as much time micro managing the little things like garbage pick-up and ride inspections).

  16. jordy hook says:

    i think they shoul use like merlin parks like they did with six flags and even pleasure beach and flamingo land also like maybe get a waterpark in there not a pool though bit like splosh at flamingo land

  17. austin weister says:

    1: peeps better design the peeps so they look more realistic
    2: be able to make the absolute latest rides like 4-d rollercoasters example: green lantern at magic mountain and rides like sky coaster and bungee jumping and slingshot
    3: they should make a feature where you can add exact replicas of real rollercoasters to make a real dream park!
    4: more scenery options and landscapes
    5: and definitely add something like a undo or rewind button if you accidental mess something up
    6: for the sandbox mode make it so you have more room lots more area for the park
    7: HD! better graphics amazing picture and sound!!
    8: all of the roller coasters in your park are rated by peeps click on an icon to see whose in first and whose in last
    9: more animals and new features like maybe being able to breed animals
    10: instead of just clicking on a roller coaster in a menu and building it there should be a way to actually make deals with roller coaster companies like vekoma, Intamin or the gravity group
    11: be able to make the newest water slides like lopping slides
    12:add a feature where there’s and online universe and you can race to make the best amusement park against other real people that would be awesome!

    they prob wont listen to anything i say but it would sure be great if they did everything i said on here !! peace out guys!

  18. Gjika05 says:

    Why has the thread been removed????!!!! no RCT4?

  19. Ian says:

    Would love to be able to create heavily themed rides and rollercoasters like Disney including underground and indoor coasters. Ex. Matterhorn, thundermountain. Also would love to create scenery and buildings of more variety. How cool would it be to create your own version of the Indiana jones ride at Disney Anahiem?

    On a different note, obviously better graphics, ability to build in all directions. Not just on grid. Keep the coaster cam. How about he ability to walk through your park as a peep? One other thing, maybe make Terraforming easier and more organic. Thanks for listening to the fans. Can’t wait to buy the new game.

  20. squeak09 says:

    I would like to see more custom shops. Like how most theme parks have custom shops built into the park not just booths. this would make having an actual theme more realistic allowing the user to make shops better fit in the park. for example instead of just a pizza boot be able to custom build the shop and/or have premade ones that can be change or added upon later. also make it so they can possibly be linked into one bigger one like some real theme parks have.

  21. Randy says:

    I would like sandlot mode that gave some realistic backgrounds such as the WESTERN HILLS IN tyc Platinum 3

  22. Jonathan Miller says:

    I really liked the six flags aspect of the 2nd roller coaster tycoon, I would add some of the best real world coasters from some of the top theme parks in the world, such as Kingda Ka, or Superman from six flags over georgia. I would also add an element to where you can play as a peep and walk around the park and ride the rides, instead of viewing everything from above, also in the 3rd one it was difficult to figure out how to change camera angle, which made for difficulties in constructing roller coasters, I very much like the auto finish, but it could use some work. I also would allow some syncing of the rides, I.E having 1 roller coaster ride through anothers loop while the other roller coaster is in the middle of the loop. Also adding a zoo aspect with real animals and fencing like Bush Gardens would be amazing.

  23. Daniella says:

    You should include the soaked and wild features, it definitely makes it more interesting! Make sure the views from the rides stay on he tracks as if you’re riding it! Make it good guys:D

  24. William Talbot says:

    Just make the graphics better and add real rides and parks like RCT2 and add good rides like 13 from Alton towers and HULK from universal thank you for creating this new game i bought RCT3 but also got a new computer with windows vista which wasn’t compatible with RCT3.

  25. Chris says:

    Remove grids to expand park like in RCT2. A release date would be nice. A publication has yet been made about possible release or development of this game. A release date will help get the hype up for this game. We may not know when Diablo 3 will be released but we at least know it’s coming.

  26. austin weister says:

    hi again i have more ideas: more fireworks!!!! all different kinds multibreak small bottle rockets and firecrackers with more realistic sound way more flowers and more scenery like moving objects for a way better park more themes for sure make waterparks more realistic and instead of hahving to download custom scenery make alot of scenry just like custom scenry in the game so no downloads more realistic backrounds and when you zoom out dont let rides cut off if thats posibble and add tons of real coaster in real llife to add to your park and more realistic shops and stalls and make it easier to make fireworks in the advanced firework editor thats all thanks for making awesome games ATARI

  27. jazzy j says:

    my main concern is the flat rides….i thonk it would be great to have rides like the dancing queen, the breakdance, the flying circus, the magic, the jumping ride…all those amazing rides and more should be included with the game…having to go download them is a pain especially when u move far back and u cant see the ride…..i would love to see about 15- 20 amazing new flat rides but still have the ones the come with rct3 as well. i will pay any amount of money to play it

  28. Bob Jones says:

    Please let there be more room in the parks and let us make the coaster however high we want

  29. Josh O. says:

    I think they should have a family drop coaster from intamin, grestlaur eurofighter from graestlaur, easy to build buildings, and wing coaster from b&m.

  30. steven watson says:

    I would likle to see more rides from all the diffrent theme parks in the world and can u plz put custom scenary. Eg steelworkx on the game instead of haveing to downlooad it. On the ride can u make Them so when the ride starts the peeps know and can u make the restraints more realistic and the flat rides, can we have it so staff are cheking the restaints and make the people speak propley and more realistic. Water rides more better like when we build them there is no warter untill we open the ride and same goes for the swimming pools.

  31. william vincent says:

    We would like roller coaster tycoon 4 to be on playstation 3 with move motion stick and wii. We would like it with a sand box mode. we would like it that comes with 3-D glasses to let the player to see 3-D films on attractions/

  32. John W says:

    I really want a way to switch between the 3D world (like RCT3), and the isometric 2D world (RTC 1, 2).

    I felt like designing the coasters in RTC 1 and 2 was much more manageable and fun than having to fight with the camera on 3.

    I also would like to see the ability to import custom video files into the game for use in coasters and motion based rides.

    It would be incredible to also have a new dark ride design system where you could customize the ride vehicles to do specific things (a la Spider-man / Harry Potter).

    I feel like there are 2 crowds that play this game. The casual gamer, and the hardcore enthusiast who would spend days on a single attraction if given the correct tools. I’d love to see new tools in the next iteration that work for both crowds.

  33. Bill Henry says:

    First off i am glad to see that they are continuing with the series. I like RCT1,2, &3, but i think they need to group all the rollercoasters by parks. Example:have all the six flags coasters past ,present and future coasters or just the past and present. have kings island and kings dominium coaters group to gether past and present.cedar point roller coasters, busch gardens-williamsburg and tampa, past and present. and all the other rollercoaters that have been torn down,dismantled,burned or whatever, that would be cool. also make the peeps more lif like, have more terrain tools to work with, better tools for making waterfalls and mini rivers/streams/ponds. I cant wait to buy this now……..

  34. Carol says:

    I would like to see more food stand, shop and ride choices. Also make wall and building items easier to use. Make all items available in the sandbox mode.

  35. CoasterGeek123 says:

    they need to update the ride types like wing coasters. also more abilities for rides so its easier to make recreations of rides.And alot more scenery so it’s no so unrealistic with that bare grass.

  36. andygahh says:

    Auto-save, some kind of advanced track editor would be nice as well, (example; you can build your coaster like normal, then edit all the joints with a mechanism similar to No Limits coaster creator, to make your tracks smoother and more realistic.)

  37. Cody says:

    The one feature I miss so much is the ability to build underground or through water. I love building mountain rides and underground coasters. Instead how having to fiddle with the terrain so much that you lose your pathways and have to remake all the scenery you had earlier. That and the undo button and more water rides/non-coaster rides.

  38. Alex says:

    A more user friendly senario editer…. one you do not have to spend for ever trying to find and figure out how it works

  39. adventure4u1 says:

    If RCT4 came out, I would want everything more real, realistic. We do have custom scenery, but the peeps look dry and dead in comparision to alll the custom content. The peeps are probably the things I want more real. More custom clothing.

  40. Mack says:

    just make it like the third one but make everything easier, better and with more options. Like cooler features and shit. Ya know..

  41. hopeful says:

    More coasters, better mechanics(getting a splitting coaster back together was pain in the ass), better graphics (the peeps looked terrible), and more scenery. I am really hoping RCT4 will be like most modern VG’s and actually use HD graphics.

  42. Tom says:

    I want everything to achaully work.
    My walls and stuff don’t work
    Custom billboards don’t work either.
    I never get to finish my park because it lags when I’ve put about 5 rides and a few facilities and then as I add more stuff it lags soo unbelievingly slowly.

  43. Dan says:

    I would love to see more peeps in the park. I love doing the ‘sandbox’ park and just building a huge roller coaster park but one of the drawbacks is that the game is very limited by the number of peeps in the park at a time. I would have some monster roller coaster rides that would have great ratings but no que line since the game seems limited by the total amount of peeps it can put into play.

    Would love to see where you can build a monster park and then score points or have the game start putting more peeps in it due to having – clean park, enough rides, enough concessions, high rated rides, etc. and let us then sit back and manage the park- more like real theme parks do, and when rides start getting old and ratings fall we can change them out….good times

  44. Dan says:

    Oh yea, one more thing- would really be nice if this game was Window based. Would love to be able to minimize the game while working on other things on the computer and come back to it. Since this is not window based right now you have to keep closing and re-starting it- very long time waiting to do so

  45. Joseph says:

    It would be awesome to an xbox 360 version and do all the same stuff like with rct3 but with new features like people in the other comments have said. What would all so be cool is if you could build rides with your friends and enter their park as a guest using Xbox Live. what i didn’t like about rct3 is that you couldn’t actually drive the go karts, so in rct4 can you make it to where you can. A way to become a peep and control him/her would be nice. A new support system on wooden and steel rides that would automatically make them like real supports after you get through building the ride instead of having to download new scenery would be grate. Oh please keep the sandbox mode that was awesome. hmmm what else what else, um how about a mode where you can play as a mechanic, peep, park owner, janitor, ride operator, and the park inspector.

  46. Joseph says:

    oh i almost forgot with the water rides like the log flume, big boat ride, lazy river, river rapids ride, and other water rides similar to those, could you make it to where you can build it in water (if there is water around) to make more realistic water rides. And for the who would like to make a beach park make it to where the peeps actually swim in the water. and if you pick up a peep and put him/her in the water he/she starts swimming and doesn’t say help I’m drowning. oh and see about doing a reasonable price like in the $20 $30 $40 range please.

  47. Bawb says:

    More realistic water slides and water parks. Like a giant drop slides like the point of no return at noas ark. Smoother rides and better sounds for rollercoasters would be good too. Better supports would be uber awesome.

  48. berty says:

    Either make it super realistic, or go back to the rct2 graphics

  49. Steve Gerber says:

    Steve G Hello game fans. I am in the process of making my version of disneyland.So far i have completed pirates of the caribean/its a small world/haunted mansion/iindianna jones and the forgotten pyramid/space mountain/jungle cruise and of corse the matterhorn ride. The cool thing about these rides is that they are either underground or inside elaborate structures. These rides are fun and will make you feel like a kid again. I would really like some input.

  50. steve gerber says:

    I just spent three days building a giant underground rollercoaster.I wanted it to feel like the mine car ride in temple of doom so I used the splitting coaster. I dug a huge hole in the ground/18×34 square and then by some miracle i built a coaster in thr hole. The hole was as deep as the game would let me.I built sultans walls 4 high above everything. The roof isnt done but i know enough tricks now to do it in about six hours. Finished inside with lots of fire. I am finding that i enjoy riding these rides over and over and i think they represent a whole new direction for the game. if anyone knows how i can share this stuff to someone who matters

  51. Cullen, D says:

    I would like to suggest adding thunder storms and other weather into the mix causing a need to close rides every so often. This is a common reality in parks now that impacts revenue significantly.

  52. Barbara says:

    How about leaving it like it was in roller coaster tycoon 1 and 2 where there is prebuilt roller coasters? I do not like having to build ALL my own roller coasters and something nicely compatible with windows 7 would be nice. Oh! and last but, certainly not least, Will you ever have a release date? thanks!

  53. Rukasu says:

    Allow ground to be removed from under structures to create caves instead of using an indirect method like sidewalks are rides, and make it so that if you build a mountain, you can set it to not screw up you view every time you go over it.

  54. Isaac says:

    I want to see Rct4 on playstation or consoles in genera;!!!

  55. Zach says:

    You should have a parade feature so you could have custom parades go through your park. And better mascots like disney!!!

  56. lotrowarrior says:

    I would like to see a custom scenery maker built into the game. And much, much more flexibility in coaster construction. More like NoLimits but not as complex. More coaster and ride types both new and old (such as these tower swings that are springing up all over the place or maybe a rock-o-plane), actual restaurants, and maybe some licensed scenery packs.

  57. Dan says:

    Themes for use making parking lots, roads, highways. Vehicles that travel on concrete/asphalt without tracking needed, like the steamboat in water, to make effective cars movements and transports, busy roads. A way to modify supports that are in the way that have to be visual moved. ez elevators. tons of custom buildings for ez stations, terminals, shops, and ride enclosures.

  58. Kyle Nguyen (13 years) says:

    What I think you should add to RCT4 is allowing to control your “peeps”, like “Thrillville”. I also think you should add more designs of the paths. Oh yeah, and also more rollercoaster designs. That’s all I have so far with little details.

  59. Nefa says:

    1) less lag
    2) better rolercoaster creator (maybe a more rollercoaster world (ps2 game) type thing??
    3) less limitations on where you can put stuff

  60. Nefa says:

    and multiplayer, sharing parks, and exploring other peoples parks

  61. kevin says:

    I guess for me I’d like to see more realistic scenery types, how about picnic tables or booths. games the peeps could play. I have to say I’m pretty much addicted the way it is but just if there were a few more changes and new things added and some updated graphics could be a power house game.

  62. Ally says:

    It would be nice if it would be compatible with new versions of windows like 7 and 8.

  63. Yurriën Angenent says:

    1. Possibility to make a custom dark ride
    2. Less limitations on placing objects
    3. More realistic graphics
    4. More variation in paths
    5. Possibility to make your own custom park / attraction entrance / exit
    6. Possibility to walk through your park in first person view
    7. Smarter guests

  64. Skeet Skeet says:

    I love the idea of peeps showing up in cars. I think that all the foliage and scenery should change with the seasons depending on which time of year it is, and on the same note, you should be able to pick different climate zones to build your parks in. I hate the square grid system. It is the most un-realistic thing in the game. Let us build paths and buildings in whatever orientation we want. an updated excitement and intensity setting would be nice. It would be cool to have a graph that shows the parts of your ride that are more or less exciting, I feel like that knowledge would lead me toward creating better track layouts. scenery is always nice, but the rtc way is to have a bunch of “themes.” how about creating an in-game custom scenery creator and then linking that to a database that anyone can borrow from. I bet this would lead to much more variety of themes and concepts.

  65. Skeet Skeet says:

    And they should make a click and drag way to make walls. it would be much easier to make a rectangular in four clicks, as opposed to hundreds.

  66. Don Brown says:

    It would be nice to be able to build through mountains like the first two do. I still can’t get roller coaster tycoon 3 to go through mountains.
    Although people on say you can.

  67. Ryan Kucewicz says:

    Make RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 realistic not cartoon graphics. Also have pre-built parks of real parks in the game and more flat rides to pick from.

  68. riley says:

    I would like to see catwalks, new supports, lots of new scenery, and tons of new thrill rides.

  69. Zach says:

    There should full size restaurants along with single stalls
    along diagonal and round paths
    more themed rides
    superhero theme would be cool (copyright issues may be a problem, so they could make their own)

  70. Jill says:

    One of my custom built coaster no longer has cars on it. One of my goals is to place 5 fireworks on one coaster, which I placed on that same custom built coaster and so I’m assuming since there are no cars, I didn’t get credit for accomplishing that goal. Any suggestions? Also, I would love it if we could get to street level view and 360 views so i can see what’s behind buildings and shrubbery. I would also love it if we could pick up the janitors and place them where things need cleaned up like we can in the first RCT.

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