Our Favorite Moments from 2013 – Part 2

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  1. Eric says:

    I’ve been to Six Flags Over Georgia several times this year, and loved the new SkyScreamer ride… I will miss riding Wheelie. I’m pleased that Wheelie found new home at Fun Spot America’s Orlando park (renamed Enterprise).

    2014: SFM’s Medusa Steel Coaster, SFGAM’s Goliath, and SFGADV’s Zumanjaro: Drop Of Doom look to be very promising. Grand re-opening of Kentucky Kingdom looks to be promising as well, along with their new Lightning Run coaster. Dollywood’s new FireChaser Express coaster also looks very promising.

    SFMM is running both Batman: The Ride and Colossus backwards during the first half of 2014. I get the feeling that Colossus could and might be next in line to get RMC hybrid transformation (think SFOT’s Texas Giant, SFFT’s Iron Rattler, and SFM’s Medusa Steel Coaster). Colossus would likely have to close near the end of the 2014 season, the transformation taking 12-16 months (all of the 2015 season), and reopen in 2016 as “Iron Colossus”. I believe that SFSTL’s The Boss and SFOG’s Georgia Cyclone could and might also be candidates for RMC hybrid transformations.

    Looking to 2015 for the Six Flags parks. Great Escape hasn’t received a new coaster since 2005. I believe that SFGADV, SFOG, and SFOT are definitely due for new coasters. SFGADV: I picture either… new CCI, GCI, or RMC wood coaster, to make up for recent departure of Rolling Thunder. Other SFGADV coaster options… B&M wing coaster (X-Flight), S&S 4th dimension coaster (X-2), Premier Rides launch coaster (Full Throttle), or Gerstlauer spinning coaster (Pandemonium). SFOT: I picture either S&S 4th dimension coaster (X2) or B&M wing coaster (X-Flight). SFOG: I picture either Premier Rides launch coaster (I picture a clone of Joker Jinx/Poltergeist, if not a clone of SFDK’s Superman) or B&M wing coaster (X-Flight). I could picture SFOG doing away with Ninja. Also in 2015… I see SFMM’s Hurricane Harbor getting Tsunami Soaker/Aqua Twist attraction. I see SFGAM getting SkyScreamer, and SFGAM’s Hurricane Harbor also getting Tsunami Soaker/Aqua Twist.

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