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On April 17, Kings Island is hosting “Scream for A Kid Again,” a charity event to help raise money for A Kid Again. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a great cause. A Kid Again is a non-profit organization that helps children with life-threatening illnesses feel like “a kid again.”


We would like to invite you to take part in our fundraising efforts! For every $5  you donate, you will get a chance to win one of several prizes! Prizes include Coaster101 prize packs, two original miniature roller coaster paintings and more.

Click here to visit our fundraising page: Coaster101 Scream for A Kid Again


Also, we would like to thank those who have already donated to our page, it is very much appreciated!


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  1. Kimberly says:

    This article by Coaster101 highlights an excellent initiative that combines the thrill of roller coasters with the noble cause of raising money for Give Kids The World Village. It’s heartwarming to see how the roller coaster community comes together to support this fantastic charity.

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