Fun Spot Atlanta Announces “ArieForce One” RMC Roller Coaster

Today at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando Florida, Fun Spot Atlanta officially unveiled their new 2021 roller coaster, ArieForce One. This new iBox steel roller coaster, named after the chain’s owners, the Arie Family, will be built by world-renowned manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction.

arieforce one roller coaster fun spot

“The addition of ArieForce One is a HUGE milestone for our company and the first of many new marquee rides and attractions yet to come to Fun Spot Atlanta, our third and newest family theme park. As a one-of-a-kind roller coaster, custom designed to the topography and layout of Fun Spot Atlanta, no other RMC roller coaster has this combination of elements, including new one-of-a-kind features as well as the largest Zero G Stall in America,” stated Fun Spot America CEO and Owner, John Arie Jr.

Built at a cost of $13 million, the largest single investment on any ride in the history of Fun Spot parks, ArieForce One features over 3,400′ of track, stands 154′ tall, and reaches a top speed of 64 miles per hour. It will have a minimum height requirement of 48″ tall.

ArieForce One will feature a themed queue line based on John Arie Sr.’s boyhood passion for flight.

“ArieForce One is a tribute to my father and his passion for flying. We will have you believing you’re traveling into space with all of the airtime moments and weightlessness this RMC coaster provides,” said Arie Jr.

In addition to the themed queue, the coaster will feature two 20-passenger trains, a HUGE tension-building 154′ lift hill, an 145′ tall, 83-degree first drop, and four inversions; two Zero-G Rolls, the world’s largest Zero-G stall, and the world’s first “raven truss dive.”

“The Raven Truss Dive and the Zero-G roll over the arcade are the first-of-their kind in the world. In both ride elements, the train travels through the center of a uniquely designed truss bridge while twisting at Zero-G.” said Arie Jr.

ArieForce One is scheduled to open in 2022.

UPDATE: The Lead Car Has Been Revealed!

The Coaster101 team made their first ever visit to Fun Spot Atlanta earlier this year. Coincidentally, the park won their first Golden Ticket Award for Breakout Family Entertainment Center 2020-2021.

What element are you most excited for on ArieForce One? Let us know in the comments below!