Collegiate Amusement Park Association

Are you a college student or recent college graduate pursuing a career in the amusement park industry? The Collegiate Amusement Park Association (CAPA) is a new forum for students and graduates involved in the amusement industry. The goal is for students to join, introduce themselves, and participate in discussions, projects, and networking.

The CAPA forum is a place to learn about school organizations such as the Ohio State Theme Park engineering group. Individuals may also share their school or personal amusement related projects. A great example is Project Soar by Travis Rothbloom. There is currently discussion concerning a design project concurrent with the ASTM F24 committee, as well as other things going on with the industry. This will hopefully be a great networking tool for students, as well as providing a place to discuss projects, jobs, and anything else related to the amusement industry. If you’re a college student who wants to design and build roller coasters I urge you to join and post often!

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