Texas Giant to Break Records

Six Flags Over Texas has begun a $10 million renovation that will transform the Giant into a wood-steel hybrid with the steepest drop in the world (79 degrees) and the steepest banking on a wooden coaster (95 degrees). The ride is scheduled to re-open for the 2011 season.


During a press introduction Wednesday, the Arlington, Texas park, debuted the newest in track design for the traditional wooden coaster with the unveiling of Iron Horse Coaster track. The steel I-beam design is the result of three years of engineering. TheĀ  red painted track is not bent, but is cut, then welded together in 40 to 53-foot lengths before being bolted to the Texas Giant’s wooden support structure. The new track design does not use any wood on the track bed, nor does it use any track bolts. A newly engineered galvanized ledger design, that the Iron Horse Coaster track bolts to, acts as the spine/backbone for the steel railed track.

Six Flags Over Texas

Should this still be considered a wood coaster now that it looks like the track is entirely made out of steel?