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Six Flags New Orleans 2008

Coaster101 recently returned from a trip to New Orleans and we stopped by Six Flags New Orleans to see what state the park was in after almost three years. The sign still says “Closed for Storm”. The signs along the...


Aftershock Opening Day Photos

Our very own “FeelTheForce” was the winner of the “choose the name” contest for the park’s new coaster… Aftershock. He was able to ride one of the first rides out of the station. Congratulations! Here are some photos from the...


Revenge of the Mummy Review

Has anyone ever told you that you wouldn’t make it, that you wouldn’t be there at the end? Let me tell you right now, Imhotep isn’t the most optimistic person you’ll ever meet. So if you don’t want to be...


Nickelodeon Universe Construction

Since Nickelodeon Universe officially opens tomorrow, I thought we would look back at some of the construction over the past few months. The park has experience quite a change since Nickelodeon took over! The first stages of Spongebob construction. Construction...


Waldameer Interview

Coaster101 interviewed Steve Gorman, the general manager of Waldameer which is adding Ravine Flyer II to its lineup this year. Here’s what he had to say: Why did the park decide to go with Gravity Group when designing Ravine Flyer...


SheiKra Review

I recently returned from a week-long trip in Florida. We decided to take a break from Disney for one day and travel over to Tampa to check out what Busch Gardens Africa had to offer. As you approach the park,...


Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

Dollywood’s new ride for the 2007 season is a mystery no more with the theme park’s announcement of the $17.5 million Mystery Mine steel roller coaster. Marking the largest capital investment in the company’s history, Mystery Mine brings a one-acre...

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Georgia’s Goliath Opening Photos

Mark Cross was kind enough to allow us to use some of his photos from Goliath’s recent opening at Six Flags over Georgia. It’s an impressive coaster!