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10 Best LEGO Sets for Amusement Park Fans

If you love roller coasters and amusement parks, then these are the top ten best LEGO sets for you! Two out of the ten are not actually made by LEGO but are compatible with them. You’ll see a few of...


An Interview with Jack Rimer of CoasterDynamix

When I was growing up as a young roller coaster enthusiast, I found it near impossible to find roller coaster models to build. Sure, there were K’Nex roller coaster sets, but nothing super realistic that mimicked an actual roller coaster. Enter CoasterDynamix....


K’nex Coaster Models

As a mechanical engineer and a roller coaster enthusiast, I have always wanted to design or build roller coasters. While I may never get the chance to work on a real one, I have built several coasters out of K’nex...