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What We Think About the 2018 Six Flags Announcements

A couple weeks ago the whole Coaster101 team got together to share our mostly positive thoughts about the 2018 Cedar Fair announcements (which included four pretty awesome looking coasters). Now it’s Six Flags’ turn, as they made new attraction announcements...


Spinsanity Coming to Six Flags St. Louis in 2017

Six Flags St. Louis has made their ride announcement for 2017, and they’re adding Spinsanity, a Zamperla Mega Disk’O to the park next season. Spinsanity brings a different thrill to the park as the massive disc spins first one direction and...


Six Flags Announces New Interactive VR Coasters

Six Flags announced today they are expanding their collection of virtual reality roller coasters. Last year Six Flags introduced virtual reality to roller coasters at nine different parks using Samsung Gear VR Headsets and partnering with VR Coaster. The rides had one of...