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Orlando 2010: Epcot Trip Report

While there aren’t many attractions at Epcot to keep thrill-seekers’ adrenaline pumping, a day at Epcot is sure to be an entertaining one. Today was no different. I like Spaceship Earth a...


Orlando 2010: SeaWorld Trip Report

SeaWorld Orlando was our next stop on our Orlando trip. Not having been to the park in over 17 years, I was looking forward to the seeing all of the changes...


Holiday World photo gallery

A little rain didn’t stop forum member “DropZone99” from racking up over 60 rides on the attractions at Holiday World! Read about his day below and check out the great photos of...


Kings Domion and Intimidator 305

Coaster101 member “DropZone99” took a trip to Kings Dominion to take a spin on the new Intimidator 305 and here is a look at his day at the park: Guests pass...


Six Flags America Photos

Coaster101 Staffer “Tyler” went to Six Flags America recently and brought back some excellent photos of the park.


Final Zippin Pippin Photos

I said the last time I went to Libertyland that I would not return. I seemed to be at peace with the park’s demise and was ready to move past the...


Midwest Mania, Part I: Cedar Point

Coaster101 member CreditCrazy recently conquered all of the parks in the midwest and brought us back a ton of pictures from his trip. What better way to start of a series...


Six Flags Great America Gallery

Here are over 100 photos from our two days at Six Flags Great America last week, July 29th and 31st, 2009. The gallery contains photos of Raging Bull, Superman: Ultimate Flight,...


Expedition Evacuation

I was fortunate enough to experience an emergency stop on Expedition Everest earlier this week! The ride was going along greatly, we went up the first lifthill with no problems, completed...