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Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair adding Flat Rides in 2018

As part of Cedar Fair’s announcements today, Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair both announced that they will each add a new flat ride to their respective parks in 2018. Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun will be adding the new Nordic Chaser attraction....


Carowinds Adding Six New “Camp Snoopy” Attractions in 2018

Originally opened in 1975 as Hanna-Barbera land, Carowinds‘ children’s area has undergone several changes over the years, including a re-branding to Nickelodeon Universe in 2004, and another re-branding to its current theme, Planet Snoopy, in 2010. The area will be...


Speculation on Cedar Fair’s 2018 Mystery Coasters

UPDATE: The 2018 Cedar Fair Coasters have been announced! Our speculations weren’t perfect, but we did come close(ish). The “new type of coaster” is indeed a Raptor, but it’s not coming to Knott’s, it’s coming to California’s Great America as...