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One of my favorite things about writing for Coaster101 is the ability to interact with readers, to discuss our mutual passion for roller coasters and the amusement industry. To enhance that discussion, we are testing a Facebook group created for


Attraction Awards 2016 Winners Announced

It’s time to unveil the winners of the 2016 Attraction Awards! The competition was fierce this year, and several of the races were close. We had a record number of votes cast, and we’re grateful for your participation! And of...


Attraction Awards 2016: Vote

The time to vote for the 2016 Attraction Awards has arrived! We’ve tabulated your nominations and have selected ten nominees to represent each of this year’s six categories. See the official nominees below and vote today! UPDATE: The voting period has...


Attraction Awards 2016: Nominate

Welcome to the 2016 Attraction Awards! This is our ninth annual nonscientific, lighthearted polling of six random categories related to the parks and attractions of the amusement industry. As always, we first open the floor to your nominations before the...


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The team behind Coaster101 is constantly working to improve the website so that it better caters to you, our valued reader. As part of those ongoing efforts, we are conducting a brief survey to learn more about our readers, their...


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We’re now on Instagram! Follow for photos and videos of roller coasters around the globe. Follow Coaster101: See our latest photos below: Want your photo featured on our account? Tag us or use the hashtag #Coaster101. You...


Looking Forward to 2016

It’s hard to think that another year has come and gone. The 2015 coaster season was a great one for the Coaster101 team, and we’re excited about what’s to come in 2016. In June, we reached a significant milestone: Coaster101...