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Holiday World 2010

I was skeptical of Holiday World getting a large new attraction next year until I saw this in the newsletter emailed yesterday: “Yes, we will have...


Photo Contest Results

The results are in and here are the winners of Coaster101’s Second Annual Photography Contest! Thanks to everyone who entered! Winner – People’s Choice: Brian Raymond Winner...


Guess the Coaster: Round 1

This is pretty self-explanatory. Each week or so I will post a heavily-distorted picture of a rollercoaster. It is not necessarily a picture that can be...


Fading Secrecy

Secrecy has become a non-priority in the amusement park industry. In today’s world of the internet, iPod, and iPhones it’s much harder to keep secrets than...


Odin’s Temple of the Tiger

I think one of the most amazing dynamics a themepark can have is animal interaction. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, located in Vallejo, California, continues the tradition...


2012… the coaster?

In continuing my posts on movies that could be turned into coasters, I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming movie 2012. If you haven’t heard...


CAD Waterslide Model

CATIA is a powerful computer modeling and simulation software. I have recently started on a couple projects that you can watch the progress on right here...


Ghost Town’s Cliffhanger reopens!

Update: The ride has closed again. This is an exciting piece of news! After years of delay, the unique “Cliffhanger” rollercoaster, formerly known as the Red...


Transformers… the coaster.

By now you might have heard of the two Transformers rides that are going into Universal Studios (Hollywood and Singapore) over the next few years. The...


Kings Dominion is getting a Giga?

This one’s really surprised me. It seems as if Kings Dominion will be receiving an Intamin Giga coaster next year. This will be interesting to watch develop over the next few months.