Thorpe Park Unleashes Hyperia POV On-Ride Video

At long last, the Hyperia hyper coaster at Thorpe Park opens tomorrow, May 24, 2024. And to tantalize those of us who won’t be riding it on its inaugural day of operation, the UK theme park released the highly anticipated on-ride Hyperia POV video showing the Mack Rides coaster in action.

Hyperia POV on-ride video

Photo courtesy of Thorpe Park

Hyperia stands 236 feet tall and reaches a top speed of 80 mph along its 3,265-foot-long course, making it the tallest and fastest coaster in the UK. The coaster also features three inversions: an Immelmann, a “barrel roll downdrop” and a stalled dive loop.

For a glimpse of what to expect on the record-breaking coaster, watch the on-ride Hyperia POV video below.

Hyperia POV On-Ride Video

The coaster is inspired by the Greek goddess Hyperia, “the legendary daughter of an ancient River God who dared to defy her fears.”

Hyperia under construction earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Thorpe Park.

To learn more, visit the Thorpe Park website.

Have you ridden Hyperia yet? Share your thoughts on Thorpe Park’s newest coaster in the comments section below.