Wildcat’s Revenge Hersheypark Review and Reactions

Last week, Hersheypark officially debuted Wildcat’s Revenge, the park’s new-for-2023 Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) hybrid coaster. Built on part of the structure of the park’s former Wildcat wooden coaster, Wildcat’s Revenge features a slew of impressive stats — a 140-foot-tall lift hill leading to an 82-degree drop, top speed of 62 mph, 3,510 feet of track and four inversions, including the world’s largest “underflip” — an inversion that begins with an upward climb, followed by a counterclockwise 270-degree roll and a dive down towards the side.

Photo courtesy of Hersheypark

We were invited to preview Wildcat’s Revenge before it opened to the public on Friday. Keep reading for our thoughts on Hersheypark’s 14th roller coaster:

What was your initial reaction after that first ride on Wildcat’s Revenge?

John: Like many of my first rides on RMC coasters, I was left speechless. The coaster packs so many elements, but some of the transitions between those elements are just as mind-boggling. When you take into account the coaster’s lightning-fast pacing, you’re left with so much to process. This is a coaster that requires multiple rides to fully grasp and appreciate everything that it offers. You’ll want to hop right back in line to give it another ride.

Kyle: I really had tried not to watch much of the animated POV rendering of the ride before we got to experience it in real life and I’m glad I didn’t; the whole coaster was a surprise. The pacing on Wildcat’s Revenge is some of the fastest of any coaster I’ve been on, all while being one of the smoothest as well. I knew it was going to easily make it into my top 10 and I couldn’t wait to get on it again.

Evan: I was blown away by the entire ride from start to finish…this ride has everything you could ever want in a coaster — the height, the speed, the airtime, the inversions and the length. It’s just such a complete ride in all aspects and never lets up. I could not believe that a ride this good exists at a park this close to me, let alone one that is now a standout coaster in Hersheypark’s iconic collection. I’ve been wanting an RMC hybrid within reasonable driving distance and this ride checks all the boxes of the makings of a great coaster. Hersheypark and RMC should be immensely proud of the coaster experience that they have delivered.

What was your favorite element on Wildcat’s Revenge?

John: I’m a sucker for a wave turn, and Wildcat’s Revenge has two. I have to give a slight edge to the first wave turn, which you can barely see in the photo above. It follows the airtime hill that follows the underflip and provides an unexpected pop of airtime.

Kyle: I loved every single element on this coaster. There is phenomenal airtime and the inversions are very well done, but I really have to give a shout-out to the pre-lift section. I really enjoy unconventional elements on coasters and the very long (for a pre-lift) section is such a fun way to start off the ride!

Evan: Now this is a tough one since there are so many great moments and each ride on it gave me a new favorite. I’m very much an airtime fanatic, and time after time I found myself enjoying the airtime hill after the underflip to be my favorite. The ejector airtime combined with the headchopper element at the descent of the hill was extremely satisfying in the best way possible.

Were there any moments or elements that surprised you?

John: If I had one critique of the ride — and it’s a very small one — there was one slightly jarring transition after the second wave turn. The train appears to be entering an airtime hill, but as it crests the top of the hill, it veers slightly to the left without banking. I understand the layouts of RMC hybrids are somewhat dictated by the structure and layout of the coaster that came before them, so I can’t be too critical. I just found it to take me out of the ride (but I was able to jump right in).

Photo courtesy of Hersheypark

Kyle: I’m not sure if one element surprised me more than another, but rather how the whole layout is intertwined so much that you can’t really tell where you are. I like to think I am pretty good at knowing where I am in relation to the layout of the ride, but with Wildcat’s Revenge, you are really thrown for a loop with all of the sudden changes in direction.

Evan: The pre-lift section! It’s crazy to say that the part of the ride before the lift hill was surprising even to me! I was shocked at how fast this part of the ride was and that it gave some nice pops of airtime when I sat in the back of the train. It truly felt like you were a wildcat chasing a creature down a mountain.

How was the world’s largest underflip element?

John: It was fun! I wouldn’t call it the craziest inversion I’ve experienced, but it’s certainly a disorienting maneuver as are many RMC elements. It was a spectacular way to kick off the rest of the layout.

Kyle: I have nothing bad to say about it! Like many other RMC inversions it is designed flawlessly to be smooth and not be a rough transition. The length of it was certainly felt!

Evan: There are so many great moments on this ride, but I can’t say that I especially loved the underflip. It was a good alternative to the raven turn found on other RMCs, but I feel like there was something more to be desired with the underflip. It gave some nice floater airtime and jolted you back into your seat. Nothing more and nothing less.

What did you think of the trains?

Wildcat’s Revenge car on display at IAAPA Expo in November 2022.

John: The trains are beautiful. The attention to detail on the wildcats that lead each train is jaw-dropping and unlike any other RMC train that I’ve seen. The seats themselves are not much different than other RMCs, although I was surprised to see a plastic seatbelt buckle.

Kyle: I agree, the trains were beautifully crafted. I love how each train has a different colored wildcat on the front. My only complaint was that the view from the front seat was a bit obstructed by the large “wall” the cat is mounted to.

Evan: I’m a huge fan of the design. I love the color scheme and the wildcat itself poking out of the front of the train — it’s menacing in the best way possible. Sitting in the front row, I was wishing that the top of the front of the train was a little lower so that it could lend to better views of the track in front of me. RMC also added an interesting grab hold between your thighs, almost like a horse’s saddle holder. It has a nice padding for those moments where you need a little extra grip.

Where is the best seat on Wildcat’s Revenge? Front, middle or back?

John: Since the train’s design partially blocks the view of the track, I don’t think a front-row ride on Wildcat’s Revenge is necessary. The back is the most forceful, but I actually preferred my rides in the middle rows over the back or the front. I felt the middle rows combined the best of the back and the front. You’re still getting an insane amount of ejector airtime.

Kyle: We got four rides on Wildcat: middle, middle-back, front, and then very back. Some coasters are about the same depending on where you are, but I felt that every seat on Wildcat’s Revenge was different. Our first ride in the middle was my absolute favorite. It was the best of both worlds, having incredible airtime and the perfect amount of forces.

Evan: It’s the back, no doubt about it. The back lends itself to the most airtime, which was not nearly as prominent when I sat in the front. There’s something about being pulled through the elements, especially the zero-g stall — which was exceptional in the back.

How is the airtime on Wildcat’s Revenge?

John: As expected — the airtime is incredibly forceful. From the fun pre-lift section to the last pop of air as the train careens into the brake run, Airtime fans will not walk away from this coaster disappointed.

Kyle: I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of airtime! Not that I was expecting little, but it was a lot! I really enjoyed how none of it was too forceful and hurt your thighs, but just the right amount.

Evan: As I previously mentioned, I’m all about airtime, and this ride gives nothing short of an incredible airtime experience. There are so many moments where the airtime shines and you are absolutely ejected out of your seat. I found it to be the perfect amount of airtime where all the forces of a well-paced coaster shine the best. The pop of airtime leading into the wave turn was remarkable, making this a very memorable airtime moment for me. There’s just something about those RMC wave turns, and they truly hit their stride with them on Wildcat’s Revenge.

How does Wildcat’s Revenge rank among other RMC hybrid coasters?

John: This gets harder and harder with each RMC hybrid I ride. I’ve ridden six of that 16 RMC hybrids (I have some catching up to do), and I would rank this alongside Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia behind Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point and Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain. RMC has set the bar so high, it’s truly astonishing how they continue to deliver amazing coasters like Wildcat’s Revenge.

Kyle: Wildcat’s Revenge was my 7th RMC hybrid and it currently sits at #2 behind Steel Vengeance and in front of Twisted Cyclone. I love all three of these rides and to me, they are all quite similar in feel but with different sizes and ride lengths. It’s like a longer (length) version of Twisted Cyclone and a slightly shorter (height) version of Steel Vengeance.

Evan: Wildcat’s Revenge was my third RMC hybrid coaster, adding to my collection of Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion and Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England. Hersheypark’s RMC proved to combine the best elements of the other two I have ridden — it has the airtime moments of Twisted Timbers and the inversions and wave turns of Wicked Cyclone. That said, if you’re looking to ride an RMC hybrid in the northeast, make it Wildcat’s Revenge.

How does Wildcat’s Revenge rank among Hersheypark’s other coasters?

John: It’s easily a top-five coaster at Hersheypark, perhaps top three alongside Skyrush and Stormrunner. Unfortunately, I did not get to ride Candymonium as it closed early due to a maintenance issue. Regardless of where it ranks, Hersheypark has one of (I think) the best collections of coasters in the Northeast, and Wildcat’s Revenge only elevates it to another level. This is absolutely a can’t-miss coaster.

Kyle: I knew as soon as we got off of Wildcat’s Revenge for the first time that it was now my favorite coaster in the park. The lineup at Hersheypark is already stacked and they truly just opened their best coaster in 2023.

Evan: I consider Hersheypark to be one of my home parks, so I have seen the park’s coaster lineup grow into what it is today, and that makes me so proud that this park continues to fill the gaps in what they need. Wildcat’s Revenge encompasses what it takes to be a well-rounded coaster, making this my new #1 in the park. If you’re looking for speed and ejector airtime, I defer to Skyrush. If it’s floater airtime you’re after, Candymonium is your coaster. Inversions? Fahrenheit. If you’re looking for all the above, Wildcat’s Revenge has it all.

If you could summarize Wildcat’s Revenge in one sentence, what would it be?

John: Wildcat’s Revenge is everything an RMC hybrid should be — intense, fast-paced, overflowing with ejector airtime, packed with dizzying inversions and fun — lots and lots of fun.

Kyle: Wildcat’s Revenge is one of the very few rides I’d classify as coaster-perfection, it is the ideal amount of all of the classic coaster elements.

Evan: Wildcat’s Revenge is not only the best roller coaster at Hersheypark, not only the best roller coaster in Pennsylvania — it’s the best roller coaster in the Northeast United States.

Wildcat’s Revenge POV Video

Watch an on-ride POV video along with some off-ride footage of Wildcat’s Revenge below:

We’d like to send a huge thanks to the Hersheypark team for hosting us. Wildcat’s Revenge is just one of many reasons to make a trip to the park this year. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you ridden Wildcat’s Revenge yet? Let us know what you think about Hersheypark’s newest coaster in the comments section below.


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  1. AL Mummart says:

    6-10-2023 The Wildcat’s Revenge feels like flying a FA-18 in a dogfight chasing an enemy aircraft doing a climb, barrel rolls, loops and outside loops so fast and close together it’s hard to catch your breath between each manuver! Like The Need For Speed!

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