Maurer Employees Test Out Spike Fun Tilting-Seat Coaster Prototype

Maurer Rides employees recently had the chance to try out the company’s new Spike Fun train prototype at Skyline Park in Germany. The prototype was installed on the track of Skyline Park’s Sky Dragster coaster, which opened in 2017 and is one of three Spike Coaster models from Maurer — it currently uses the original Spike trains.

© Maurer Rides

Seats on the Spike Fun trains can tilt up to 45 degrees, a first for a roller coaster. The seats’ movements can either be pre-programmed or controlled by riders in real time.

Effects using the tilting seat included a wheelie-like effect as the train was accelerating (where the seats tilted back to simulate a wheelie maneuver) and a “jump” over a camelback hill.

© Maurer Rides

In that maneuver, the tilt of the seat compensated for the respective slope of the camelback, allowing the seat remains horizontally aligned during the descent. This gives the illusion that the rider is jumping over the crest as the track is no longer visible (see it in action in the video below).

Maurer first announced the Spike Fun coaster model in September 2022.

© Maurer Rides

Watch a video of the Spike Fun prototype in action below:

Maurer will take the reactions and feedback from the test runs and incorporate those findings as they fine-tune the prototype.

To learn more about the Spike Fun prototype, visit the Maurer Rides website. And read our review of Desmo Race at Mirabilandia, a Spike Coaster which opened in 2019.

What park do you think would be a good fit for a Spike Fun coaster? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  1. How does it on the track at high speed .Will cedar point get this new coaster

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    Six flags great adventure

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