The Coaster101 Podcast: Champions of the 2023 Theme Park Design Competition

The 2023 TPEG ALUMNI Community Theme Park Design Competition is in the books and the top teams have been announced. On this week’s episode of the Coaster101 Podcast, we welcome the champions of the 2023 competition, members of Team 385: Andrew Yates, David Manguiat, Ella Rudkin, Jacob English, Audrey Nelson. We discuss all aspects of their project, The Lost Trails, including Mothman: The Ride, as well as general advice on how to use opportunities like this to prepare for a career in themed entertainment.

You’re definitely going to want to check out their presentation while you listen to the podcast – the artwork is fantastic! This is the third year for the TPEG alumni community competition and every year we’re blown away by how much thought and detail go into these presentations. This year was no exception.

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Here’s our previous interviews with the winning teams from 2021 (Mount Olympics) and 2020 (infinity gardens).

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